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Welcome to the whois page and let me introduce myself: I am Eric, born in 1968. Living in The Netherlands. I love to fly which I do with kite boarding. Since October 2009 I also fly rc helicopter, in 2010 I added rc airplanes & in 2011 FPV to my repertoire. I just love to fly sky high.
When I was young, rc helicopters and planes were far out of reach as it was way to expensive and without the Internet hardly to discover. In 2009 I discovered a lot had changed. Affordable LiPo batteries made it possible to  realize nice flying time with affordable electric rc helicopters and planes.

So flying rc helicopters and planes is an old dream come true and “cheap” helicopters & planes made it possible for me to enter this great hobby.
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Happy Flying


14 Responses to “Whois & Support

  1. rimfire72 Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I am Geofrey from the Philippines and have almost the same experience as you with r/c planes and helis. As a teen, me and my brothers were content reading old r/c plane magazine from garage sale. R/Cs were expensive by then. Luckily now almost everything is available online and at cheap prices.
    If you wish you could view my youtube post (search for rimfire72).
    Happy flying!

    • Eric Says:

      Dear Geoff aka rimfire72,
      Thanks you for visiting my RC-Blog and for leaving such a great comment. Seems we have a common rc history. Wanting as a kid and being able as an adult to play with rc “toys”. I just visited your YouTube channel and started watching your vids. Must be awesome to fly in paradise (Philippines). Well I subscribed to your channel and added you as a YouTube friend. I hope to see more vids of you in the near future.
      Happy Flying 2

  2. rimfire72 Says:

    Thanks Eric! … glad to have a new friend in R/C world.

    • Eric Says:

      Your welcome and besides we made the world a little more beautiful too by being friends 😀

  3. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Hi Eric, my name is Frank and I am 45 years old and also come from Holland. For me it’s quiet the same time-line haha. I was an aircraft spotter in my younger years and always wanted to start this hobby….never happened. Till I found 3 months ago this little Nine Eagles Solo Pro. I really like this little guy and learned me a lot so far. I now wanted to step up and found the HoneyBee. I’m happy you build this great site with lots of info…REAL GOOD JOB!! I can write in dutch here but maybe you like it better in english so others can read it too. Let me know what you prefer, ok? So I recently bought my HoneyBee FP V2. Learning to hover now and since I have this micro single rotor fixed pitch (Nine Eagles Solo Pro) I knew a little what to expect when I gave it some throtle. All went not bad since I also have the trainingset installed. Today it was kind of windy but wanted to try it. All went well but suddenly the heli got a little lifted from the side so I decided to let her (think it’s a she..hehe) land. I didn’t even tip over and the landing wasn’t pretty but I thought she would be ok. After inspecting I noticed the tail-boom was a little bend. I found out what caused it… the main rotor hit it.Both blades left a mark. She still flies but needed to trim so she won’t drift the tail. Did this happen to you too and how can I prevent it. I can replace the boom but it can happen in a sec again I guess…. can you please help me out??

    again great site Eric!!

    greets from Brabant, Frank

    • Eric Says:

      Hoi Frank,
      Thanks for visiting my website/Blog and for leaving a comment!
      Blades hitting the boom is called a blade strike and is one of those things that come with heli flying. I have had them a few times to. Sollution is land softly. I changed the stock boom for a CF kite rod which handles blade strikes much better.
      Having a blade strike with a CP heli is even more fun. It can kill the gyro and mesh up the rotor head completly. So always land softly and stable. As your skills crow you will notice that strikes will pass to the past.
      So land soft is my advice 🙂
      Happy Flying

  4. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Thanks Eric,

    Ja, ik dacht al dat het aan mijn landingen lag..lol Maar het ging niet eens zo hard. Als ik dan zo’n filmpje zie van Nuttcaze op Youtube zie ik zo”n zelfde beschadiging op zijn heli maar er word weinig over dit probleem gesproken bij de Honey Bee. Je hebt het over een soort van vliegerstok begrijp ik? werkt dat goed, of is het probleem dan helemaal weg? Dank je voor je snelle reactie…tof.

    greets, Frank

    • Eric Says:

      Inderdaad een stok/buis uit de vliegerwereld. Verschil is dat de vezels daarin wel kunnen breken en je boom niet direct vervangen hoeft te worden. De overige vezels houden de boom prima recht.

      Blade strikes komen voor ook bij crashes, ik denk heli eigen.

      Ik heb zelf XP bladen en die zitten aardig strak in de rotor kop. Geen idee of de losse stock bladen meer kans geven op blade strikes.

      Afin blade strikes horen nu eenmaal bij heli vliegen/crashen/hard landen. En naar mate je skill toenemen zullen ze veel minder voor gaan komen. Is de boom krom dan zou ik een rechte erin zetten. Een deukje maakt opzich niet zoveel uit.

      Lekker oefenen dus! Het begin is gewoon erg lastig. Daarna gaat het allemaal stukken makkelijker 😀

      Ik hoop dat je wat aan mijn reply hebt!


      • Dances_With_Wolves Says:

        Jazeker Eric, dank je voor je tips in deze nog te ontdekken wereld voor me. Kom net thuis en heb een paar zekeringen gehaald om mijn 4 in1 veilig te stellen. Zit zelf in het beveiligingswereldje en moet dus geen probleem zijn maar vliegt wel een stukje safer. Vraag me alleen af waar ze zo’n carbon stok hebben van rond 8 mm (toch?) Heb je de sleuf aan het uiteinde ook moeten maken en de schroefgaatjes moeten voorboren ofzo? Ik vraag je wel veel he? Als het teveel word zeg je het maar hoor.lol maar ben blij met al de tips die je me geeft….

        Walk in beauty,


      • Eric Says:

        The Fuse mod is a good one to have. I never flew without it 🙂
        This is the boom I use https://hbfpnl.wordpress.com/esky-honey-bee-v2-fixed-pitch/mods/hbfp-v2-carbon-tail-boom/

        You have to make small holes etc yourself 😀

  5. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Thanks Eric, I just replaced a new boom I had for spare and ordered online your carbon 8 mm boom from Exel. It comes at the length of 1 metre so I have some spares then too. Again thanks for the tip my friend 🙂

    greets, Frank

    • Eric Says:

      Your welcome my friend. If you have more questions, just ask!

  6. smarthobb Says:

    hi eric..give advice to become an expert in R/C like you.. i still just newbie here

    • Eric Says:

      Simply read a lot online to get theoretical knowledge.
      Translate that to your stuff.
      Never give up.
      Fly as much as you can and evaluate your progress.
      Hope this helps,

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