The stuff thats stays on the ground while flying is called a ground station (GS). There are many way to design your own groundstation. I tried to keep it kiss. Easy to carry and easy to set-up. On this page my two groundstations.
Manfrotto 9-foot light stand, RC305 video receiver, antenna,  mini DVR, Turnigy 1800MAh 2S 20C Lipo, LiPo low voltage alarm, 2 Turnigy battery straps, cables, spiraled cable binder and EVG 920 G video goggles.
The advantage of the light stand is, is that the top of the stand sits much higher then most tripods and is still as easy to transport. A high antenna position is always better then a low position. On top of the light stand the Vrx is sticked to a plastic plate with velcro. From the Vrx come 3 cables (goggles, DVR & power) which are nicely bundled in a cable binder. I use the battery straps for fixating the LiPo and the DVR to the light stand.
EVG 920 G in Ski Mask goggles are powered with a Turnigy 3A UBEC so I can use 2 and 3 cell LiPos. The UBEC and Vrx are both powered from a Turigy 1800MAh 2S LiPo. A 2 celler keeps the video receiver cooler then on a 3 cell LiPo. I use the Spironet SPW, 3T & 4T Helicals and a 5DBi CP patch as Vrx antennas.

My other super simple GS
FPV Ground Station KISS

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