FF-21 BlackJack | Buiding

The FF-21 BlackJack is designed by Ken Tanpinco and transfered to PDF and put online as a free download by RCFoamFighters.com.
I was surfing the web to find a new foamy to build when I found the FF21. I loved the looks and performance so I downloaded the plan and started the build with 6mm isolation foam which is sold here as depron or polypron. I deceided to make pictures along the  FF21 building. Enjoy!

FF-21 BlackJack @ Foamfighters.com: Click
FF-21 BlackJack Plans: Click (vertical stabilizers at 21 degrees)
Me @ RC Foam Fighters: Click
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26 Responses to “FF-21 BlackJack | Buiding”

  1. ken t. Says:

    wow! your building the blackjack better than i did! can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Eric Says:

      Thank you very much Ken! And thank you very much for visiting my pages and for leaving some feedback!

      I really appreciate that 😀

  2. ken t. Says:

    btw, is it okay for me to refer to this page for the depron build-a-long version?

    • Eric Says:

      That would be a honor, thank you very much!

  3. DucCat Says:

    Heya Eric,

    Perhaps it is a good idea to show photo’s of the tools, needed for this project!

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Dad,
      Thats a good idea, I will show them along the way.
      Say hi to mom,

  4. Banjomaniac Says:

    I have a question or 2, what foam are you using? What angle, if any, are the vertiacl stabilizers set at when glued and, what is the 2mm CF rod for.

    Thanks banjomaniac

    • Eric Says:

      Hey Maniac,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving message!

      I’m using depron although I think it could be polypron. The angle of the stabilizers is 21 degrees aka BlackJack. I am using white hobby glue and hot melting glue.

      The 2mm carbon rod I added for some extra stiffness in elevons. Do not know if it really necessary.

      Enjoy the build!

  5. ken t. Says:

    Eric, the plane looks great! I was a bit concerned about the canopy not fitting right. also, I prefer the battery bridge to be mounted on the other side with straps to fasten my battery. this makes it so much easier to install and pull it out. i will try to email you a picture or video of what I’m talking about if I have time tomorrow.


    • Eric Says:

      Hi Ken,
      Thanks for your feedback!

      About the canopy: I am currently adding a 3mm version which seems to fit a little easier 🙂
      The glue is melting as I write.

      Looking forward to receive any picture that can help!


  6. ken t. Says:

    Eric, i was just noticing the picture of the motor you have above. it looks like the prop is mounted backwards. also, i think you can probably get a 5×5 prop on that motor since it’s a 3550 kv (i was running a 3800 kv on mine). i did not catch it sooner because i have been using my mobile phone instead of my laptop in the last 4-5 weeks. that should bump the performance up a bit more.


    • Eric Says:

      Hi busy man Ken,

      Thanks for your sharp reading and watching. When testing the configuration I placed the prop the correct way. I have a 5×5 APC laying around and an ready to leave for the field so I will add the 5×5 before flight and see how it works out.

      As I am still a RC plane rookie I started to build an other FF21 with some minor changes in relation to my first build. The process is progressing steady. When ready it will show up with some detailed info on my blog.

      Gonna fly 5×5 now 🙂

    • Eric Says:

      Ken I did not like the 5×5 prop that much. Maybe a little more instant power but way slower in airspeed.

  7. Elmardus Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Where do you buy that depron? I’m also looking for stuff to build an airplane but I can’t find that depron in NL.

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Elmardus,
      In NIjmegen we have Doevloer, in Beuningen we have a parket speciaal winkel. They sell this stuff. I am sure there are a few parket winkels near your place.
      You can also take a look at http://www.fsfoamy.nl they also sell cut out models for a very reasonable price.
      See ya online!

  8. ken t. Says:

    Eric, I just revisited this page and really like the new layout. great job!

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks Ken, I really appreciate the compliment.

  9. AKA Says:

    Hai Erick… Im AKA from Indonesia, my English is not good .. so Im sorry if there are words that are wrong.. hehe. I just found your blog after looking around on the web RCFoam. Congratulations because you’ve build the F 21 BlackJack very good. Seriously, really good! You make it better than me. And now I’m looking for a plan MFB-2 aircraft. R u have it Erick? if yes, may I have it? I’ve tried looking everywhere but did not find it. links are given in RCFoam also error seems. Maybe from Erick I could find. Thank you very much and I hope there is good news .. hehe 🙂

    • Eric Says:

      Hi AKA,
      Thanks for the great compliment! The plans you like I do not have. If I were you I would sent Ken Tanpinco an email or message on youtube and ask for the plans. It is a great looking bird and I understand why you like to build it 🙂
      Happy Flying

  10. AKA Says:

    Morning Erick…(in Indonesia) hehe….
    Oke….thank u very much for your respon. I really appreciate that.
    I’m glad to meet you. I hope we can be friends in the future, could be sharing and exchange info about RCFoam :-). however, I’m still new and need a lot to learn. once again thanks a lot.

    I’ve tried to send a message on youtube or on RCFoam but until now have not got a reply. I do not know Ken Tanpico email. R u know?

    • Eric Says:

      Good Morning (in Holland),
      I have sent you an email (spetnaz_er……) with Ken’s email address! Good Luck with it. Ken is a very busy guy. So it can take some time before he has time to reply you.

      • Ken T. Says:

        Hello Eric (Indo) and Eric (NL). Thanks for your interest in building the ff-21. It’s always very flattering to hear that someone new to this hobby likes my design. I will do what I can to help you with your foam building of this plane, but I also have a lot of confidence that Eric (NL) will give you all the advice you need. Just look at the pictures to see how good he built this model! Good luck on the maiden flight when you get it all put together.

  11. AKA Says:

    Ok Erick…I have received. Thank you so much for all your help … I’m really happy. You’re really a very nice person. Ok I understand, may not disturb with his work as well …Are you not interested to build a model plane Erick? Hehe

    • Eric Says:

      Gonna build a new Super Alulah very soon from EPP. So something to build is on the Agenda!

      Just look a little above this message. Kenny has responded too 😀

  12. AKA Says:

    Woowwwww … seems like a very special project. Can not wait want to see the preview. Okay Erick …. awaited the new porject…Good luck …. spiriiiiiiit !!!

    Hartelijke groeten van Surakarta (Solo) 😀

  13. AKA Says:

    Oh…Hi too Ken T…nice to meet u. sory I did not see your reply above … hehe. my name is AKA not Eric (Ind) 😀

    I just wanted to say about Thank you so much for sharing the design that you have created. I’m new in the world RC plane … so I have a lot to learn from you all. once again thank you for everything.


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