The winter is leaving

I just took a look at the weather sites and I could not help smiling from ear to ear. The forecast shows sun and temperatures above freezing! Some weather sites are more optimistic then others. This picture shows not the best forecast, so it can only be better then this forecast. So I put my bets on Monday and Tuesday for heading to the field.

weather forcast

I am really curious how my new stuff (Micro SD card, RP-SMA Spironets & TBS 5DBi patch) works and I waited long enough for the winter to get lost. I also ordered a new 3.6mm lens from SC2000. A smaller field of view but more detailed and less distortion. Gonna put the 3.6mm lens on my little Super Alulah for more precision flights.

transcend 8GB class 10 mirco sd Spironet rp sma antennas 5DBi patch fpv tbs cp

Recently I entered the modern times by opening a Facebook page which got already 39 likes! It would be a honor if you like HappyFlying on facebook. And I wanna thank those 39 people who already liked the page.
For those on the Northern hemisphere: Have a great RC season!!!!!



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