Turnigy 9X & FrSky DJT

A new programmable 8 channel 2.4Ghz transmitter/receiver combination for only $39.99 is that possible? Yes it is, and HobbyKing made it possible.
Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver
There are quite a lot reviews online and I think most of them describe the Turnigy 9x very well. Overall I am pleasantly surprised with the product. I am gonna use the Turnigy 9x with a Turnigy transmitter LiPo and will see how well it works out.
FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz w/ Telemetry Module & D8R II
One thing that is always on my mind: Will I fly out of range and loose my plane. I have this when flying gliders and also when flying FPV. How cool is it that FrSky makes a module/receiver with telemetry which starts beeping seriously when getting at the edge of the rc range.
2.4GHz Dipoles by BlueFalcon 
When I started flying FPV, my 2.4GHz rc range dropped like a brick and by adding dipoles I was able to increase my dropped range by a factor 3. So I am assuming that a good manufactured set of dipoles increases my range very much. So for my new control set a new set of dipole antenna’s are a must.
FrSky 2.4GHz 5dbi module antenna
This antenna has a slightly higher gain as the stock omni antenna which comes with the FrSky set. A higher gain means that the gain patern (donut shape) is a little flatter and wider and still all around the pilot. So a little longer range without having to fly in a beam like a patch.
2.4GHz Wifi signal Booster
Here my final add-on to my Turnigy 9X transmitter. A 500mw wifi booster which I maybe will use in the future for fpv flying to get a solid and  wider range. The booster is powered by a Turnigy 3A 6V UBEC connected on a 1000MAh Turnigy 20C LiPo. The booster is connected to my my FrSky module.
Product(s) Review
I tested the stock T9X tx/rx combination a number of times with 3 & 4 channel airplanes and everything seem to work just fine. Setting up the simple 3 & 4 channel planes was easy and straight forward. I played with elevons, dual rates & expo without any problem. I only flew in a park so did not do a full range test. The stick control feels very natural and direct.  A minor thing is the battery holder and the fact that 2 buttons are placed in a rather reversed or non logical way. The battery holder filled with 8 AA’s is very hard to close. By using a LiPo or Life this problem is solved. I also found out that the flight timer can be activated by pulling the trainer switch. It has no real failsafe it only stops the spinning motor when getting out of range. I also noticed that the power consumption is way less then my HK-6X.
The conversion to FrSky was very easy to do. I took the Turnigy module out and cut the antenna wire. Unscrewed a philips screw and took the stock antenna out. Plugged in the FrSky DJT module and added the rubber duck. Less the 2 minutes work. Binding the 8ch 2.4ghz Frsky 2 way receiver D8R II was very simple. I just followed the manual.
After installing the new rx on my Super Alulah it was time do do a range test. I used the range test button on the back of the tx module, the effective working distance will be decreased to 1/30. I tested the following configuration. T9X/FrSky JR Module/ D8R II/Dipoles/5DBI antenna. Placed the powered (the video circuit was also powered) model 40cm of the ground and walked away from the model. After 80 big paces the alarm bells started ringing.  80 Paces was the real maximum distance I could measure.
The transmitter LiPo comes with a different connector then the battery tray has. So I cut of the connecters with some wire and swapped them by soldering. I used a Turnigy 3s transmitter LiPo. I used a 3s on my HK6-X for 2 years without any problems. Some people add a 2s o or a LiFe.
How nice it would be if the booster/bec/lipo became an easy to add/remove module. For the module I made a plastic tray and added the booster with gyro foam. On the other side I added velcro for the BEC and Lipo to stick on. The cog makes the “module” hang vertical, so the rubber duck is always pointing upwards. To connect it to the transmitter brace I use two small tyrips. Having the booster on the brace makes the transmitter well balanced (horizontal). I am not gonna use the booster very soon. The FrSky set in combination with the mentioned antennas gives a very nice range which I have to explore first.
Field Review
My current record with the T9X, FrSky, dipoles & FPV gear on (without booster) is 2.65km. At that point my failsafe kicked in. My T9X was in a non optimal position so I assume I can go even further. So far I am very happy with the T9X combination as described above. I also bought the 7DBi patch but the range was way less then the 5DBi omni. So I trashed it and would not advive the FrSky patch.
The FrSky combination with a 5DBi omni on the tx and simple FrSky dipoles boosted to 500mW did 5000 meter without any warning signals! The module only made the everything is alright beep every now and them.
The FrSky Website
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FrSky 7DB patch antenna
FrSky 5dbi onmi antenna
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6 Responses to “Turnigy 9X & FrSky DJT

  1. Waldemar "Grumpyy" Muller Says:

    Hello Eric….!!!!

    Yep I’m back in town, fully operational and allready busy building the 600GT from the dead point i left it ………collecting dust standing on my shelf:-(



    • Eric Says:

      Good to see you are back on the hobby! Must be a huge machine the 600 class and great fun to build.

  2. Waldemar "Grumpyy" Muller Says:

    And yes, lipo installed, 9x fully operational thx to your manual etc. only some tweeking has to be done…but i’ll call you one of these days:-)

    • Eric Says:

      Well feel free to drop your questions. With some luck I can help you out too 😀

  3. masi Says:

    Do you have a damper in between? Are the 60mW from FrSky no too much for the booster? The booster has yet max. 17dBm (50mW) input power.

    • Me Says:

      No damper, no problems at all.

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