The Depron Depdart
I went heli flying on a local field where I met Michael & Ray who were flying a small, swallow-a-like, highly maneuverable and rather fast foamy. In a few minutes I was introduced to Depron & the DepDart. It is a small (wingspan 72cm) plane with a 1400KV motor, 10A ESC, 2 5gr/9gr servo’s & 800MAh HBFP V2 LiPo’s. The Depdart comes from the hands of Willem Bravenboer.
My Depdarts
My first depdart was not the really beautiful and due to a faulty mixing it crashed at the first throw. Time to make a better one.

Depdart #3
After many crashes and repairs it was time to build Depdart #3. Cutting the depron goes better and better and this became my first good looking Depdart. The elevons are still attached to the wings by a thin layer of Depron.

The Depdart Factory
Learning to fly a rc plane is hard enough. I asume starting out with a Depdart will be even harder. Well nothing beats a good challenge. Besides practicing on the SIM it is also a good idea to cut some extra Depdarts. At least those were my thoughts.
First Real Flight
Today (4 September 2010) I finally flew Depdart #3. It was a great experience seeing the black plane in the sky flying figure 8’s, doing some circles and a few loops & rolls having my heart beating 180 bpm. I also practiced 5 landings as Michael, who came along, could talk me trough. I am 100% positive, that practicing on the sim helped a lot  to bring the Depdart home in one piece. Having 10 successful flights with it, I started to prepare Depdart #4.
Depdart #4
As the take off’s & landings become better it is time to add some art to the Dep. I used a small piece of carbon plate to make a motor mount which seems to work great. I also experimented with paperclips iron for the servo pushrods. Depdart#4 is the heaviest I have build. Almost 195 grams including 800MAh LiPo.
I also rounded the leading edges of the wing and tail which improved the flight. The extra reinforcements in the nose work great. Over 30 flight, a high altitude crash and a few minor crashes the Depdart still looks as new. Thumbs up for the nose job!
Depdart #5
Enjoying a rainy Sunday afternoon by building and painting a new Depdart. This time I used transparant packing tape for the elevons which worked out great. As the elevons are completely covered with tape the are quite stiff. I like the star design very much (used a cookie form  to create them).
I glued a black zip ti (180mm * 4.5mm) on to the bottom of the lower body for some protection on landings. I also changed from hot glue to “knutsel lijm”. This stuff is cheaper and lighter and works great for the most connections. For the motor mount is still use hot glue.
I also used the  transparent packing tape to tape the lower part of the fuselage on both sides. This way it is stronger and should have less inspiration to break on a hard landing. Test will determine if the tape does a good job! Just looking for different ways to make a Depdart.
The motor mount I will support like I did with my Extra 330.  When coming in nose down the support can help to keep the motor in place without breaking the nose.

The final Depdart #6
Number 6 will carry all my previous Depdart experience. As #4 is still flying great it will take some time until this one is needed. So come back in a few months or so to see how #6 developed. Below a preview.

The Spices
– Nice paintjob for better orientation & giving it the X-Factor
– I used transparent packing tape as hinges
– Hot glue, construction glue & a little UhuPor
– 2 x 5gr servo + Turnigy 1400KV motor + 10A Speed Controller
– A carbon fiber motor mount attached with hot melting glue
– APC-Style 7×6-E prop
– Added 3mm Depron nose reinforcements
– black zip ti (180mm * 4.5mm) as landing gear
Thanks to Willem, RCEFlyer(In Memory), Ray & Michael for their share in this nice project!
Useful links
A0 plans | A3 plans | A4 plans (need to be scaled to 100%!!!)

16 Responses to “Depdart”

  1. Ray Says:

    your welkom my friend!!

    greetings Ray

    • Eric Says:

      😀 🙂 😀

  2. Ray the felix flyer Says:

    HEy Eric,

    Nice vid. Nice plane, you flyed very well yesterday, we are proad!
    Cu on The Hill…

    Greetings Ray Matrixx
    | Diablo 3dbatix | RC Felix 80| Depdart 180 | Wilga 2000 |

    • Eric Says:

      Hey Ray,
      Thanks for shooting the video and the compliments 😀

      See Ya soon on Depdart Mountain 😀

  3. Taha Burak Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I really liked your videos as I said before, but I have a question, does your wings smaller, or it just looks like that? I searched for other depdarts, cuz maybe I’ll make one, I see that others has longer wings.

    If it’s yes, why you made it like that?

    and I want to see more videos 🙂


    • Eric Says:

      Taha 😀

      My Depdart is 100% with a wing span of approx 72cm. So I gues it is optical.
      Man I am fan of my own vids too, just do not have a cam anymore.
      Spend my last bucks on a new key cam from HK and that one did not work at all 😦

      Maybe next month I order a new one. Just need a few spare bucks 🙂

      See ya online bro!

  4. Taha Burak Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I have few questions about Depdarts.

    Where you put rx and ESC? Is there any inner part? Or you just glue them to depron?

    • Eric Says:

      Taha 😀

      I have all the electronics on the body, I used hook & loop tape from HK to make it firm.

      Hook & Loop at

  5. Taha Burak Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Another question here, You never show which paints you use on your deprons. Can we use all kind of paints?

    • Eric Says:

      Taha most foams melt when using straight paint, thats why I use paint on water base or acrylic based paint. They are very cheap and come in many descent colors. Before applying always do a test run on a useless piece of foam.

  6. Will Swainio :) Says:

    Hey dude! Nice plane and nice flying… Im jealous and want a go on it! 😀

    More vids soon? or is it in the bin? 😛

    Will. 😀

    • Eric Says:

      Hey Buddy,
      The depdart(s) are still operational, I just used the channel on the transmitter for my glider, so it is not a direct P&P. As it is such a small plane its easy to bring it along.
      Cya online!

  7. Taha Burak Says:

    Hi Eric,

    R u using 5mm cf rods, or any cf rod can be used under wings.

    btw, I think I’m having problems with a4 plans 🙂

    Can you tell me what is the exact length of cf rod in the plan, so I can check with mines 🙂

    • Eric Says:

      I am using a 3mm rod which is good enough for me.

      When printing your plans turn out a little smaller in Acrobat Reader.
      I used a free sample of Acrobat Reader Pro which allows you to print full size.
      A few cm less won’t be a big problem I think.

      I am sure that without measuring we can say: Honey you shrunk the plans 🙂

  8. Bob Willemen Says:

    Another fantastic WB-design ! Great Flyer !


    • Eric Says:

      Hey Bob,
      Bedankt voor je reactie. Willem heeft ook hele gave combat modellen op zijn site geplaatst. Als je van lekker en simpel knutselen houd 🙂
      Ik ga deze winter weer lekker knutselen iig en uiteraard lekker vliegen met blauwe vingers.
      Wie weet tot op een meeting ofzo.
      Happy Flying

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