HK-6X Review

The HK-6X 2.4Ghz 6ch TX & RX is a budget programmable transmitter/receiver combination from HobbyKing.
The HK-6X 2.4 Ghz seems to be the same transmitter as the KDS-K-6-X 2.4 Ghz. It has a lot of functions except EXPO.
LED display | Show model type & battery voltage | 5 Models parameters memory | 6 Channels standard servo signal output | Support 5 points throttle curve on NORMAL mode & IDLE mode | Support 5 points pitch curve on NORMAL mode, IDLE mode & HOLD mode | Set reverse (REV), sub trim (SUB) and travel by LED and button | Dual rate (DR) control supported | Throttlehold supported | Gyro sensitivity adjustment supported | 8Ch RX.
The binding process with the HK-8R 2.4Ghz Receiver is very easy. Just push bind button and power up the transmitter. Power up the receiver with the bind plug installed. A few seconds later the binding process is completed.
Programming the HK-6X is very easy. By pushing left two buttons simultaneously  you can browse the program menu. By pushing two other buttons you can change the settings.
The HK-6X runs on 8 AA batteries. The mass the batteries bring give the transmitter and nice and solid feeling. You can also run the HK-6X on a LiPo pack such as the Rhino 2620mAh 3S 11.1v.
The HK-6X has a throttle hold switch. When activated the motor will not spin on stick input. This switch can also be used for auto rotations.
When powering the transmitter in idle up mode, the transmitter will give alarm beeps and the display shows:  IDLE UP. You have to switch to normal mode before the transmitter continuous. The power display shows how much juice is left in the transmitter battery and starts beeping when the voltage drops below 8.6V .
I also installed a new and compatible rx on my CX450. I used the Corona 2.4Ghz 6ch Receiver (V2 DSSS) for the job. Which works great and was easy to bind with the HK 6X TX.
You will find the HK-6X at HobbyKing.
If you wanna learn more about throttle & pitch curves & mixing? Watch Finless Bob’s videos: Curves 101CCPM Part 1CCPM Part 2.
HK-6x Review
I have been using this transmitter for more then 2 years without any problems nor servo glitching. The HK-6X works flawless and has proven its reliability. As it seems the used materials are well chosen and are up to the job. Using a 3c LiPo did not harm the transmitter at all. It is a steady platform which can be used for simple 3 to 5 channel airplanes and 6 ch helicopters.
After 2 years of use I started to miss some features like: Dual endpoint settings, expo, differential mixing, other mixes, timer function, wider range for FPV, individual dual rates settings for aileron, elevator & rudder, option to change the tx antenna and a true failsafe on each channel
My conclusion
The HK-6X is a simple & reliable beginners transmitter. I have been  using it happily for more then two years. To program it, you do not need a computer. The little display is well readable even on a sunny day. It suits all simple 3 to 5 channel airplanes as well as CP helicopters. When working with CP helicopters it requieres a very well done technical setup of the heli. The transmitter cannot make up for it due to lack of features and its simplicity. I never had real problems setting up a cp heli with this transmitter, having more features will make the job much easier and precise.
I also use a turnigy T9X. Click here to read about it.

30 Responses to “HK-6X Review

  1. Ryan Jones Says:

    gode morgen,
    I have found your web page through Nutcaze and his RC Guide. I think that you will remember me, We both have the HBFP and my wife is from Tilburg. I am starting to get the desire to build a larger helicopter and I like your approach. At first I was looking a upgrading later this summer with a ESky Blade CP, but after reading Wayne complain about it and then seeing this page I went to the Hobby King wb page. I know that I am way ahead of my self as far as flying skills but when it come to cost the Hobby King kits look good.

    What do you think about the kit, HK450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compat.) Ver. 2?

    I was really happy to see your review about the HK-6X 2.4Ghz 6ch TX & RX; $60 dollars seems a bit better than $400!

    Dank U wel for your time.

    Ryan Jones, a.k.a. AbqVlieger

    • Eric Says:

      Hi AbqVlieger,

      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving the first message ever. You made some history today 🙂

      HK450 CCPM 3D Helicopter Kit (Align T-rex Compat.) Ver. 2 ( ) looks really great. Just like the price. Less then 30 bucks 🙂

      Even better buy 2 at the same time. It gives you plenty of spares for just 30 bucks and you pay relatively less on shipping too. I gues that will be 10 extra massages for the wife and a nice candlelight diner.

      Only 372 on stock you better hurry!

      I like the HK 6X so much better then my stock radio. Compared to the 400$ TX they have a lot less functions. Just keep in mind that it is still a 60$ combination. Having said that I think it is a great deal. And I am very gladd I got it.

      I use LiPo in the Hk 6X which is also great. I went insane of recharging those AA’s, and with the coming of the new TX a new LiPo came along.
      5 Points for the Rhino!

      If you are gonna order stuff like the HK 6X or other stuff mentioned on my website: Please use the links you will find here. That way I get bonus points at HK 😀

      For your wife: De Fabeltjes krant is terug op de tv 😀

      Its good to be ahead of your flying skills, so much better then behind!

  2. Errol Says:

    Binding….it says just push the BIND button and power up transmitter ?

    Where is the BIND button ??? Is this the button on back of transmitter ??


    • Eric Says:

      Hi Errol,
      Thanks for your visit and your reaction.

      The receiver(rx) has a bind plug which you put in the bind/battery opening in the rx.
      On this picture you see the bind plug installed
      HK receiver

      On the HK transmiter (tx) it is the button at the back. So yes it is the button at the back 🙂

      • Errol Says:

        Thank you for that info.
        Did not want to push the button on the back of transmitter in case it was reset !
        Unfortunately the instructions for transmitter only show the front.
        Thanks again

  3. remote control helicopters Says:

    This post is very good info. I appreciate you taking the time to give out this information for free, best of luck!

    • Eric Says:


  4. rc Says:

    Thanks so much for the great information, you’re post really is great!

  5. Alexandre Says:

    Hi, very good your website.. I have a problem with HK-6X because he no bind.. yes, no bind.. i change all parts and no bind… exist any type reset? because i press Bind in TX but nothing.. you can resolved my problem?


    • Eric Says:

      Thanks for stopping @ my website and leaving a message.

      A quick question: Do you push the bind button on your TX before you power up your TX? When done so the blue light starts shining.

      Does this happen or not?

  6. Alexandre Says:

    Hi Eric,

    thanks for reply me, Yes i push the bind before power up TX, but blue light not started.

    • Eric Says:

      Are you batteries loaded? Is it a brand new tx?
      Do you push hard enough?
      So many question 🙂

      If it is new and it doesn’t work also sent an email to HobbyKing or give them a call and let them know you have troubles with the TX.

      Is there any info to be found on HK forums? Maybe you are not the only one looking for a solution.

      Sorry that you have a problem with it, I hope it will work soon so you can enjoy it!

  7. Charles Says:

    I got my KDS K-7x 2.4 GHz today it is the same as hk 7 channel I love this thing a big improvement in the joy of flying. Still waiting on the electronics for the CX450 AE I bought cant wate to fly it. I plan to use this TX with the CX 450 as well I bought all the electronics from HobbyKing I like those HXT 900 servo’s cheep price good servo I orderd a rx that is compatable with this KDS TX I can’t wate! Take it easy and thanks for stearing me twords a great remote.

    • Coy Says:


      You state that you ordered a rx that is compatable with the KDS Tx… What is the rx and where did you find it???


  8. Dude Says:

    Very good! Thanks for the info. I might get it for my HK250GT. I like the Turnigy transmitter also. This T has some good features for sure!

    See you on the RCForum !!!

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks Dude!!!

      Zie je online 🙂

  9. Coy Says:

    I have a KDS K-6X / K-8R Transmitter/Receiver combo (I think it is the same tx/rx as the HobbyKing HK-6X. I believe my rx has died; I can put the tx into scan/bind mode (Blue RF light blinks) but nothing happens after that. Do you know if the Corona 2.4Ghz 6ch Receiver (V2 DSSS) will bind to the KDS K-6X tx???

    Thank You!

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Coy,
      Thanks for visiting my blog!
      When you put the tx in bind mode you have to bind the rx with it by using the bind plug or by pushing the corresponding button on the rx at the same time as you power up the rx.

      I recently got a report that the KDS TX did not bind with the Corona V2 DSSSS.
      Good luck with it!

      • Coy Says:

        Thanks for the reply… My steps are as follows:
        1. Put the Tx into scan/bind mode (Blue light blinks)
        2. Put bind plug into rx
        3. Power up rx (Red LED flashes) after a few seconds
        4. Power down Tx
        5. Remove Bind plug.
        6. Power on Tx and it should be bound…

        My rx’s Red LED never flashes…

        The HobbyKing HK-6X tx / HK-8R rx seem to be identical to the KDS K-6X tx / K-8R rx, just repackeged for HobbyKing… Anyway…

        Thanks for the info…

      • Eric Says:

        You’re welcome 😀

      • Eric Says:

        This guy had problems binding the KDS TX with the corona’s:;u=1653

      • Coy Says:

        Did you succesfully bind a Corona 2.4Ghz 6ch Receiver (V2 DSSS) to a HK 6X TX? Also, your recent report that a KDS tx did not bind to a Corona 2.4Ghz 6ch Receiver (V2 DSSS); do you know what model the KDS ts was???

        Thank You so much for your help…

  10. Giacomo Says:

    Please , can help me ? I have buy an eurofighter 2000 from HK whit this radio control HK7Xv2 , binding it , and set the radio on delta wing , but the movement of aileron is very poor ( move up only 10-15° and move down , i think good ,40° ) how to setting good ? sorry for my english , i’m Italian .

    • Eric Says:

      In the TX menu is a Delta mixing menu.
      Check if those are all set at 100.
      You can also increase the servo movement to 120 in the E menu.
      I hope this will help.
      Happy Flying

    • gabriele Says:

      Ho una radio Hobby King 7 canali e non riesco ad impostare l’ala delta. Mi spego meglio, mi trovo in modo delta accedendo dal menu, ma non rieco ad impostare il cabra e picchia perchè i canali 2 e 4 funzionano entrambi come alettoni.- Ho un po di confusione mentale e chiedevo mi potesse spiegare la procedura per far funzionare un’ala delta.- Grazie

      • Eric Says:

        Gabriele I do not understand your language at all 😀

        I assume you like to make the tx work with a delta setup? So having only 2 control surfaces which you like to use for aileron/elevaor?
        Not sure if I understood you well at all?!


    vem aqui pedir um grande favor me diz se posso e como faço para voa pelo simulador e como faço detalhadamente pois comprei ele agora para voa no simulador meu simulador já está instalado so falta ele?

    • Eric Says:

      Hello Reginaldo,
      Thanks for leaving a comment on my Blog.
      My portuguees is very bad and even when translated by google I did not understand your question about the simulator. All I understood was that you have a simulator and that you have a question about using it.
      So I am sorry I have no answer for you. Maybe you can try to ask your question again but with different words. Maybe I understand and can help. No garantees however as I still have to use google translate.
      Happy Flying,

      Note: I never used this transmitter for a simulator!

  12. fred niehoff Says:

    what do you do when your HK-6X Computerize radio does not have a button anywhere on it to push to bind the radio to the receiver? Unfortunately I do not have the SKU or product ID # for this radio.

    Thanks for your assistance & God bless

    Fred Niehoff

    • Me Says:

      If it had no bind button I would return it.

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