Recording my flights and making small video’s  are somethings I always enjoy. Just check my YouTube channel for my video history. This pocket DVR is a really cool gadget. The package is very complete and includes even a spare battery, an easy external one push record button and much more. Just check the vendor’s website for more information about what comes with the DVR.
This little device makes it also possible to record the actual video stream including the OSD information. By adding the coordinates on the Remzibi OSD it is also a little easier to find the plane back after loosing the airplane. The last recorded coordinates are a good starting point for the rescue mission. All you need is to add a good quality, high speed, high capacity SD card and you are ready to go.
This little DVR is very user friendly and doesn’t come with a manual. It is so user friendly that you won’t need it any way. Within 5 minutes you will discover most ins and outs. There are only a few menu’s which are all very clear. Shutting down the DVR needs some special attention. You can read about it further in this article.  If you want to see a manual just click the PDF Icon.
Pocket DVR Product Review
There are a few similar product and I’m not sure what the difference is between them. BEVRC and Foxtech also offer this DVR device. I discovered  online (www.fpvlab.com) that the DVR-Japan has custom firmware especially written for FPV use.  The DVR comes in a nice black box.
One Button Record device
This device needs to be hooked up to the AV-out port. When used (switch on and wait for the DVR to buzz then return the switch to the original position) the DVR starts up and starts recording. When switching the switch on and off again the recorded file is saved and the Pocket DVR shuts down.
Shutting down the DVR
Depowering the DVR goes like this. Hold the off button on off for about 3 seconds. If you hold the button shorter it looks like the DVR shuts down but doesn’t! In fact the end screen shows up and dispappears but the Pocket DVR still consumes energy. So just keep the button on of for 3 to 4 seconds and you are fine. When you use the one button recording device the DVR just shuts really down too.
Remote control
Using the remote is easier then using the buttons on the DVR itself. So when playing with the DVR the remote is the is the device to use. But do we need it?
Editing the footage
Before my current video editor would work with the avi-files I had to download the right XVid codec. After downloading and installing I could also open the file with Windows Movie Maker. You can find the XVid codec on google.
I ordered the Pocket DVR at First Person View UK as I did not want to order a similar product from Asia. My experience with western vendors is the easy way of communication, fast shipping and great service. On all these points this vendor scored very high. Even got a reply on my service questions on sunday, within 1 hour of placing the ticket. So 10 point for firstpersonview.co.uk.
DVR @ First Person View UK (shop)
BEVRC DVR topic at RCGroups

2 Responses to “FPV UK Pocket DVR

  1. Simon Dale-Firstpersonview Says:

    Glad you like it! Thanks for purchasing from FirstPersonView.co.uk!

    • Eric Says:

      And thanks to you for the fast shipping 🙂

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