F177 Stealth

These plans come from www.rcpowers.com. This was the most easy and fitting plan I used so far. So 5 stars for the KISS concept!
After the positive experience with the KFm4 airfoils on the FF21 I just could not resist adding this profile type to the F117. I used 3mm depron this time to create the airfoils, just to see how this will work out. I reinforced the bird by adding CF strips along the leading edge.
6mm Depron, 3mm carbon rod, 2 x 2mm bike spokes, transparent packing tape, hobby ply, hook & loop, paint, alu foil, hot glue, epoxy, white hobby glue, 3mm Depron, carbon strip
Weight: 270gr excl LiPo
3900KV | 4.75×4.75 APC | 1800/2200MAh  | Turnigy Plush 40A ESC | SG90S
After the total loss  I rebuild the F117 without the KFm4. This way I can feel/see the difference.  Number one was quite lifty and did some great slow flying on my lazy 1800MAh LiPo. Really looking forward to the virgin flight.
I had no alu-foil around so I used 3mm white Depron for the windows. The vertical stabilizers are a leftover from number 1. The photo on top of this page is the new bird.
My motor mount was sitting on the base plate.Curious for the effects I raised the motor 12mm. It looks like the little prop can scope more air this way. Looking forward to the coming test flight.
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