Remzibi OSD

I was looking for a new and more functional OSD and decided too go for the Remzibi OSD. The OSD comes complete with 10Hz GPS, USB cable and some extra stuff. You can download a very nice piece of user friendly software which helps you to design the OSD layout & more. You can place the items where you like and stuff you don’t need can be put off.

 W7 driver
I run Windows 7 home edition and used the Vista driver to get the software communicating with the enclosed Prolific USB cabel. I do not know excatly how I installed the driver. All a sudden Windows installed it and the OSD software was able to communicate with the USB cable. The rest was peanuts.
 You can get this OSD at Remzibi himself, just sent him a PM. The ones on Ebay are fake/clones and have nothing to do with Remzibi.
Useful links
Remzibi on RCGroups
Remzibi OSD page on Google
Happy Killmore Software Tool V2 configuration pages
Remzibi @
My current OSD layout
RemZibi OSD Layout

One Response to “Remzibi OSD”

  1. charles galea Says:

    Hi can you please explain which FPV unit to use on a hexacopter,because most of them are labelled as being for quadcopters.

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