The Plane
The ASW 28 was nicely packed as a box in box with plenty of airbubbles. And again all arrived without any damage. The box contained stickers for the ASW 28, Y-cable, screw for horizontal stabelizer, carbon rod, EPO fuselage/wings/elevator and a info sheet (not really related to the ASW 28). It is a really nice looking plane and it is a pity that the tailplane is not really aligned with the fuselage. I gues the alignment will come after some serious flying.
The ASW 28 is easily put together, this time I skipped some stickers and painted the rudder, wingtips and elevator red for better visibility. Adding stickers is not my talent at all. The room below the canopy is quickly filled with a rx, lipo and esc. To make sure the canopy stays on during flight I added some HK magnets (see picture).
The Flight
The ASW 28 is very light which is great for beautiful weather with not to much wind. The 2 cell setup is enough for a nice climb rate. It won’t go vertical nor balistic. It brings you up so you can start gliding. And gliding is what this plane is all about. In relation to my other glider the ASW-28 is quite flexible in the tailplane and in the wings. When flying the ASW 28 needs some speed, a to slow flight or a to steep climb will result in (tip)stall. So keep some speed in the plane especially when turning and you will be fine. Some speed is still a relative slow flight with the ASW 28.  It is the first plane I own which really needs rudder input.
Although the ASW 28 is no thermal plane it reacts very well on raising air and is easy to keep up in the air. The ASW handles wind and it is more in its nature to fly on less windy days. Landings are quite easy too. The ASW 28 is great fun to fly and a nice a bang for bucks.

I got 2  LiPo’s  for the HK ASW-28,  Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 2S 25~50C. The Nano Tech can be charged at  5C which make them ideal for fast charging on the car battery. These are my first Nano’s. Enough LiPo’s to fly for hours & hours.
Personal duration record
– 70+ min on 1300MAh 2S, 6.8V left over.
Useful links
ASW-28 @ HobbyKing
ASW-28 @ RCGroups
ASW-28 Thermal Duration Times

9 Responses to “HK ASW-28”

  1. Wabbite Says:

    You flew 70+ minutes on a single 1300MAh 2S in the Netherlands? Where were you flying? It’s very impressive!

    • Eric Says:

      Wabbite thanks for visiting my website and for leaving a comment too.

      I flew near Nijmegen the east part of Holland. We had some great thermal days last summer and on the record day it was really super. Getting up in a nice collum and staying up was childs play. I was all wasted after the long flight. Mental and physical 🙂 Normally when flying and get tired I bring her down. But not this time, I was all focused for a new personal record. It was super to stay up that long while my buddies kept on charging their LiPo’s as they did not fly sailplanes. Also my skills to hunt for thermals improved by a lot of hunting I did this summer. Now I think I can spot a good thermal with my eyes.

      The ASW is not the best for thermaling, and on a good day it does not matter as she stays up anyway 🙂

      Happy Flying!

      • Wabbite Says:

        I like the site; it’s very clean and informative! Also, responding to you here is a lot nicer than responding on YouTube.

        It’s good to know it performs at least decently with thermaling! I’ve been wanting to get a cheap hazzle-free (crash-resistant) 4-channel glider, and this one looks to fit the bill perfectly!

      • Eric Says:

        Thanks for the compliments 😀 And by commenting on my Blog you help it grow & grow. So thank you again.

        It’s a nice bang for bucks for sure and for that price of coarse not perfect. For some reason I flew the ASW28 very much, more then my other planes. Not sure if the plane is very very crash resistant. The cockpit is quite thin sort of speak. And every plane you crash will show some damage anyway. Just land like it should land and you are all fine. Nose down crashes are hell for every plane. Great bang for bucks for sure. If you ever want a fast glider foamy without thermal capacities check the St Model Blaze aka Hype Wow. It is the best bang for bucks for adrenaline rides. However the Wow is not made to fly slowing or thermaling. Soaring and normal fast flights is whats it all about.

        Good luck with your buy and I wish you many hours of happy flying!

  2. Starsky31 Says:

    Hello all and by the way “merry christmass & best wishes”.
    I own this ASW28 EPO from HK since end of september. My personnal time record is 1h17 minutes (with GPS recorder); average speed 7kmh – max speed 44kmh… with 1800 10c Lipo. It was on a beautiful november day, 19° C, no wind and few small thermals onh our Club Terrain near by TOulouse town, France.
    I like very much this glider; I replaced the original blades by some Graupner fiber Cam folding prop 10×6 wich gives a much better climbing rate, and added some renforcement to the tail section by incerting 1mm carbon rods on top of fuselage (from rear of canopy to tail foot), at bottom of fuselage from rear of wing’s trailing edge to end of rear section, and 2 of the same carbon rods stuck on each side of the rudder at bottom.
    The rigidity became very high and the ASW28 flys faster and more stable, enssentialy in windy conditions

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Starsky,
      Thanks for your great comments!

      I replaced the original blades by some Graupner fiber Cam folding prop 10×6

      Still using the stock ESC & motor?
      I have some 10×6 CamCarbs around not sure if I can place them without changing the ESC.
      Can you put any light on this subject?

      And I totally agree with you: It is a great glider 😀

      Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Starsky31 Says:

    I also flew it ressently with a Turnigy 1000 2s 30C Lipo and it climbed nicely faster for about 7 minutes of full motor use. Fying time was 25 minutes with nothermals at al and 10+C cold day.
    This is definitely a good glider, with a slow average flying speed, but needs to be 3 axes driven, and requires a minimumn of spedd during turns if you do not want it to stall quite brutally….

  4. Mark Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Today I shamelessly copied your spray paint design and put it on my own ASW28. After looking at your images I wanted more visibility and this does exactly what I want. Thanks for the idea 😉

    Mark (NL)

    • Eric Says:

      Well done Mark! Enjoy your ASW28, the thermal season is coming 😀

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