EZ*II Mods

1. Tail reinforcement with a 6mm Glass Fiber tube
Not sure if this mod is needed. And I am sure it will prevent this, which I rather avoid having again. The little extra weight will help for the COG to counteract the weight of the FPV pod/Cam/OSD/GPS. Got the 6mm tube at a kite store and used thick CA & Activator to glue it to the fuselage.

2. Tail weight
Used fishing lead in the tail to make the plane ready for 3200MAh 3S LiPo’s. I added the little bullets with hot glue. Added the same weight to each side. The added weight, exclusive hot glue, is about 30 grams.
3. Wing Mod with Magnets
I completely forgot this mod. And after 10+ flights/landings I realized that I forgot this mod. I used HK Rare-Earth magnets and glued them in with medium CA & Activator. Now the wings say click when joined.
4. COG pinheads
Not sure if this is a mod or not but I took two pinheads and cut them down to about 5mm and sticked them at the COG balancing points near the fuselage of the Easy Star. This way it balances great on your finger tips and on other things. You can glue them with a tiny drop of CA or remove them.
5. Foam in nose
I placed soft foam in the nose. I did this in case of emergency. When at a rough landing the LiPo comes loose and likes to fly to the front. The kinetic energy will be absorbed by the foam instead of the EPO nose. This way the GPS unit in the nose is more protected too. As the foam is very light it doesn’t add much weight. When having the LiPo installed it sits against the foam.

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