Super Alulah The White Edition

Super Alulah EPPIn 2011 Robert (BlueFalcon) made a limited number of Super Alulahs from EPP. During the last 2 year some were lost and others were damaged beyond repair. The demand for a new batch Super Alulahs increased. Jarno ordered enough EPP at and BlueFalcon opened his workshop for us. The ultimate goal is to make 12+ kits in a day and make a lot of Dutch FPV flyers very happy with this indestructible, low budget, EPP, ultra fun wing.
Tools used during the day
Belt Saw Machine, 3D foam cutter, pencil, sharp knife, EPP and a cordless drill.
We started the day with coffee & cake. After that the EPP blocks were cut in measured pieces. Blocks for the wings and blocks for the fuselage and tail. Jarno operated the belt saw machine and cut sheets for the body parts.
I was happily surprised to see that Robert owns a 3D hot wire foamcutter. Never saw such a thing before so I was very exited. The machine made 4 wing parts from a precut piece of EPP. It took about 12 minutes to finish 1 wing.
Super Alulah cutting the wings
Super Alulah Wings
As the machine did a lot of work there was enough time to fool around.
Super Alulah  fooling around
Drawing the fuselage parts & tail on the freshly cut EPP sheets.
Super Alulah drawing the fuselage
Hard labor makes men hungry. The lunch was typecal Dutch fastfood like pataat, frikandellen, kroketten & bitterballen from snackbar Toon’s.
Super Alulah The Lunch
Always time to fool around with the cordless drill and someone with me.
Super Alulah BlueFalcon dissing hippy
Super Alulah cleaning the workspaceAround 3 o’clock we were finished and created 12 Super Alulah kits and a lot of waste. It’s a dirty job, but someone needs to do it. Robert handed me a blue worksuit for better looks. After vacuum cleaner number one was full, we had to use number two for the wanted results. It was a great day with some great people. I like to thank Jarno, Klaas, Pam, Robert & Ronald for this great meet in Alulah Heaven. I went home as a happy camper with a very fresh Super Alulah kit: The White Edition!

Super Alulah Wings cut

The Super Alulah V2 White Edition
Super Alulah V2 White Edition 001

Super Alulah V2 White Edition 002

Super Alulah V2 White Edition 003


9 Responses to “Super Alulah The White Edition”

  1. Jarno Says:

    Hey, my kitchen is becoming famous! does that make me a famous cook? 🙂

    • Eric Says:

      EPP Chef 🙂

  2. Robbert Says:

    Hi Eric,

    sure looks like a fun dat 🙂

    Is it possible for me to order one?


    • Eric Says:

      Hi Robbert,
      All the kits were pre ordered. There were even more requests then the 12 we made. Remy was lucky and Ray had bad luck. See you soon?!

  3. Robbert Says:

    Ah.. pity… but yes when the wetter is permitting I will join you. (And if the farmer will let me…)

    • Eric Says:

      The last info I got from the farmer is that it was oke for us to bring some friends. He doesn’t like that all the time. And we do not fly all the time. So I do not see any problems as long as you go with me, Remy or Ray. And we can also still fly at the old spot near the new mushroom factory.

  4. Robbert Says:

    Yes we can always do that. The farmer is a bit unpredictable haha!
    Btw two weeks ago I got a chance to fly my Fox. Flew great. Not a real glider but still could last quite some time on one lipo.

    • Eric Says:

      Which Fox? Did I miss something or did I forget something 🙂

      Did you fly it on a warm and windless day? Thermals make a big difference, so does the weather. On what day will the summer be this year 😀

      • Robbert Says:

        FMS Fox, same one as you sold to Remy. It was a warm day, little windy, not too much.
        So maybe you forgot, or maybe I didn’t tell you. I have forgotten about that 😀

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