Spy Cam & HK HD Wing Cam

1. Spy Key Cam
I found this Spy Cam on Ebay for less then 7$. It comes without memory and micro SD cards will fit fine. The mini cam has 3 functions: Video & sound, pictures & sound recording. The build in LiPo works for about two hours. The device is very easy to operate. I have a 4G card installed.
How does it work?
It operates very simple. You push the on/off button until the small red light shows up. By clicking shortly on the record/photo button you make a photo.
When you hold the record/photo button for a second or 2 the red light starts flashing a few times and the goes out. The filming mode is activated. To stop filming I push the on/off button again.
How to set the time & date
Right-click this tag.txt file and download it. The tag.txt file has three lines. There is a space after the first line and after the second line. The spaces in the file are important. So only change the figures you need to change.
Modify the tag.txt file with your date time. Use a text editor that will not corrupt the file. If you corrupt the file, the date time will not be set. To be accurate, the time in the files should be the future time when you will turn the camera on. Upload the new tag.txt to the root directory of your Micro SD. (Source: http://chucklohr.com/808)
Spy Cam @ Ebay.
2. HK HD Wing Cam
The last years I used a number of spy key cams. After a short while they do not function as they used to do. My problem is that they stop recording at random. I lost my thrust, even in the new HD spy key cams. So I tried the HK HD Wing Cam this time.
On YouTube I have seen a test which showed that Hobby King Wing HD Cam video quality is not as good as the new Key Cams #11 & #16. So I did not had to much expectations that the new cam would be super in HD quality. I wanted a better video quality that I am used to and above all I wanted it to record my entire flights, rather then the random record times my spy key cams gave me. It is so frustrating after a nice flight to discover that only 4 minutes are recorded and the best moments are not included.
I have been using the Wing Cam for a few months now and I am still happy with it. The video quality is much better then the cams I used before. And even more important it still works like a charm. It records my entire flight which is something really nice. It is a rather cheap cam so I did not expect GoPro quality and therefor I am disappointed with the quality at all.

Video above is recorded with a class 4 card!
Micro SD Class 10
Although my class 4 card worked fine for me, it was only 4GB which is equal to about 2 flight recordings with my Super Alulah. So I ordered a new Transcend card on Ebay. This time with a little more memory space and class 10. The class 10 card makes the video much smoother.
It’s an easy to use device and on the field and in the sun it is very nice to have a vibration alarm.
How to set the HK HD Wing Cam by RCRedBaron.
HK HD Wing Cam on FPVLAB
HK HD Wing Cam Thread on RCGroups.com


16 Responses to “Spy Cam & HK HD Wing Cam

  1. Will Swain Says:

    Hey Eric, It’s Will (HelipilotWill)

    How did you stick the cam down to the HBV2 battery??

    Cheers buddy

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Will,
      Thanks for dropping a message!

      First I had some velcro sticked on both my LiPo and spy cam.
      Then I had some grazy sticky double sided tape.
      Both I did not like much 😦

      Now I use a elastic band or a velcro band around it. WHich I like much better.
      Between the Spy cam and the LiPo I have some thin rubber, I also used a small piece of cut out thin sponce.
      This way I press the cam a little in the rubber or sponce which makes it sit much firmer when I add the elastic band or velcro around the cam and LiPo.

      I hope I explained it so that you can understand it 🙂

      N-joy Bro!

  2. Ray en Michael uit wijchen/nijmegen Says:

    hey Eric,

    we tested our spy cam too… haha

    whatch our vid. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLkMvzBCssM
    you will be laughing..

    greetings Ray en Michael

    • Eric Says:


  3. OptiPlex Says:

    Thx alot eric
    that tutorial came in very handy and helpful

    i mounted the spy cam on the main frame, just near the cockpit and there
    was no vibration, video comes preety solid

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks for your feedback!
      Looking forward to your vids on the Tube.

  4. Mushroom77 Says:

    Nice site and videos, I use a flycamone2 on my HBFPV2. but that little key ring cam looks much better, is it heavy? Have a look at my HBFPv2 fun..

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Mushroom77,
      Thanks for visiting my website and for leaving a message.
      The cam is 15.6grams
      Spy cam on scale

      Gonna look at your video right now.

  5. nate81 Says:

    Nice site, i enjoyed reading it. I just bought one of the keychain cams myself from ebay..i think it was about $7.xx US Dollars…ima strap it to my Double Horse Volitation 9053 (i’m new to the hobby) Can’t wait! Thx for the tips!

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks for leaving a message!
      Happy flying

  6. pippin31 Says:

    Hi . great site. Just wondered how much video a 4gb memory card will take ?

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Pippin,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for leaving a few messages.

      With the key spy cam about 2 times 50 minutes. Somehow the cam software stops the vid after 50 minutes and auto starts a new recording.


  7. Blazej Says:

    In conclusion r u happy with this cam?

    • Eric Says:

      As long as it was operational I was more then happy with that great little camera, so sadd it is dead 😦

  8. Michal Says:

    Hi. I have a problem, when recording time get over battery capacity. It save file every 30min, but last one is saved too, but with 0kB size. It takes some hidden space from card. After checkdisk I can find file with name FILE0000.CHK, but I don know how to repair it back to .avi.
    I will appreciate any help.

    • Eric Says:

      Hey Michal
      I wish I could help you on this one but I can’t.
      Maybe you find the answer on http://chucklohr.com/808/ or on http://www.rcgroups.com.
      Goodluck & Happy Flying!

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