Kyosho Hype Wow

My first airplane out of  a box. It is a fast sport model.
It seems that all these Wow’s come with wrinkled wing tips. The tips are quite thin. Just poor boiling water over the tips and they return in original shape. Also in the box a supplementary “glider nose-cone, sticker set, hook & loop tapes, extra push rod, screws & bolts, extra motor mount and a tow app.
The assembly was straight forward and without any problems. The complete wing is easily attached to the body with 2 bolts. I did not really like the stickers so I used paint to give the plane a character. I am sure the black on the bottom will be good visible when flying with clouds.
The Wow comes with a plastic folding prop. My helicopter experience is that a good set of blades make a big difference. I was not convinced that a plastic prop would be the best way to fly and I replaced iy with an Aeronaut Cam Carb 10×6. Further I added a small and light (25gr) Turnigy SuperBrain 40Amp ESC. The new CamCarb prop increased the power. After that I changed the prop for a 10×7 CamCarb (see diagram below).
It seems that this model is made by the Chineese company ST Model as the Blaze and is distributed by others like Kyosho Hype who sell it as the Wow. There is also an identical model called Infinity from an other distributer. Recently HobbyKing added the same plane, named Durafly Dynamic-S, to their stock.
I have been flying the Wow for more then a year on the HK-6X and like to share some of my experiences. The Wow is no hotliner, maybe a warmliner but a funliner it is for sure. I fly her with 2200MAh 20C/25C LiPo’s which allow a nice COG.
This plane was my first real plane. I was flying a Depron Depdart & 3DBatix Extra 330 before. I was surprised how easy the Wow flies. Although I was a beginner I was able to control the plane very well. Everything is very predictable on the Wow. Even the stall behaviour is very predictable. The signs of an approaching stall are so obvious that you have enough time to react.
The Wow is quite fast and agile which makes it great fun to fly. On steep dives the Wow doesn’t generate much speed when the motor is off. She is simply to light. On  powered, steep, fast &  whistling  dives the ailerons seem to loose their authority, by cutting throttle and slowing down  the ailerons come back in business.  As it is no hotliner and  I am not sure if it is fair to say the ailerons are not up to the job when we use the plane for stuff it was not intended for. Also it is a 105 euro plane not a 600 euro one.  I also love the agility and the way I can bank & yank the plane.  The landing path is quite long so you need some space for a nice approach.
Wind is something the Wow handles quite good. The straight wing prevents annoying wiggling. When there is wind the Wow is the plane to fly for me. I place the LiPo 1cm more upfront for better penetration.
The Wow is a real glider and no floater. It reacts better on thermals and stays up a little longer when the ailerons are 1 or 2 mm down. I have them a 1mm up which seems to make the Wow a little faster. Which I obvious like more. I love to sent the plane up to zenith in a vertical line and then cut the throttle and come down gliding with nice speed, making fly bye’s and listen to the whistle. Making all kind of loops and rolls.  Steep dives. It is a real funliner.
The main wing is heavily reinforced with carbon rods which makes the wing really stiff.
If you think of getting a Wow/Blaze/Dynamic S it is good to upgrade the ESC to a 40A and get a decent propeller like the 10×7 Aeronaut CamCarb. A quality prop adds performance which you will like for sure. Endless and powerful vertical climbs are so much fun even though they are quite short as the Wow goes up very quickly. Increasing the prop size will increase the Amp flow from the ESC so make sure the ESC is ready for the job. Below are some diagrams for informational purpose.
Adding black stripes to the wing helps a lot to see her high up in the air. Adding some reinforced tape to the bottom of the fuselage will increase the durablility. Some people like to reinforce the leading edge of the wing too. When my wing has a dent I just poor boiling water over it.
Things I like
– The way it flies and reacts on stick input
– The 35mm stock motor
– Used reinforcements
– Price/Quality
– The sportive looks
– The ESC has a powerful brake, the Superbrain has an even better one
Things that good be better
– Prop quality
– An ESC with higher Amp rate
– Aileron control at higher speed
– Stiffer tailplane
W 1.580 mm | L 1.002 mm | BL 1130KV | 2200MAh | Turnigy 40A | 10×7
Wing area 20,9 dm2 | Wing profile MH 43 | Weight approx. 950 gr
Useful links
Wow Spare parts
RCLine Modellbau Forum Hype WOW
RC Network WOW
RCGroups Blaze
The Hype Wow comes with a 10×6 folding prop which delivers about 250 Watts.
I swapped it for a same size quality prop from Aeronaut CamCarb and did some data logging (283 Watts).
Recently I swapped the CamCarb 10×6 for a CamCarb 10×7 and major things changed. I measured a silly 400 Watts.

6 Responses to “Kyosho Hype Wow”

  1. michael16tsx Says:

    Eric, just watch your Amps. These standard ESC’s are really bad. 9/10 times they are swapped with a good ESC before maiden, and most of the other times they got stuck in 3de flight.

    Good Luck!

    • Eric Says:

      Michael thanks for your care!
      I swapped the ESC before the first flight for a Turnigy 40A (50 peek).
      So I should be in the safe margin.

      • michael16tsx Says:

        Ok Eric! Good Job.

        you will be in safe margin now, i see you pull a 35A with this prop so that would be very good!

        I also found another problem, you servo’s. With this power your plane will go really fast, that means more pressure on flaps. And the standard servo’s come out a bit weak. A lot of people switched the standard servo’s with HXT900’s than you have enough power.

      • Eric Says:

        When you look for problems you will find problems. I contacted a few guys with the same airplane. The servo’s are oke it is just the control panel that bends at high speeds. So more throw as the suggested throw is silly and maybe add some carbon to the elevator with or without tape. Seems that thats all. HXT900 are way to big and do not fit proper. Corona has some great small metal geared servo’s which are the same size as the ones I have atm.

  2. Yannis Says:

    Hi, just bought the plane and waiting for delivery.

    I too won’t use the decals and wondering what you used to paint your plane, and particularly if the stribes at the bottom are painted or some kind of film.


    • Eric Says:

      Hi Yannis,

      Congratulation with this mega fun & fast glider. If you like speed & glide you will love the Wow/Blaze.

      I used acrylic based paint for the red and the black. The black I used was very cheap and worked out great. The red I used was some more expensive, its a beautiful shade of red. With the plane comes a extra nose cone. I used that to see if the paint was foam friendly before I added it to my wings. Just watch out with canned spray paint, even if it is on a acrylic base. The stuff which comes along the paint can eat foam. Thats why I used regular acrylic paint and a brush.

      At last: Thanks for leaving a message and if you have any question….. Just ask!

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