MiG-29 Fulcrum KFm2

An other foamy project from the hands of www.rcpowers.com (Scott Lott) which goes by the name of MiG-29EB Fulcrum.
3800KV | 40Amp ESC | MG90s | 2200MAh 20C | 4.75 x 4.75
The MiG 29 Fulcrum is a very easy to build depron airplane. Just a straight forward cut & glue. Next time I make the main body from one part instead of glueing the pars together. I think the Fulcrum looks very cool too. It flies really easy and stable and can take some winds without to much problems. I was really surprised with the gliding capacities and how the plane acts when there is no thrust any more. It comes down quite slow and even lands without making a big crash.  This makes the plane 5 stars for sure. I was also astonished that the MiG can fly so slow before it stalls completely. The FF21 BlackJack is my favorite Depron speed plane and the MiG 29 Fulcrum is my favorite all round parkflyer for sure. It can be flown on even very small place and can land spot on.  I prefer the MiG 29 Fulcrum above the F117 Stealth of RCPowers.
Loops can be done very very tight, the roll rate is much lower. On rolls the Mig 29 Fulcrum likes to fly straight which is a nice feature to. Upside down flying can be done. However the KFm2 has a tendency to correct the upside down flight to a normal flight. I am sure you will love this airplane too!
Originally I got a setup from RC-Timer. The motor & ESC did not work for the duration of 1 LiPo. Be aware for RC-Timer they have no quality control at all. They sent out non working products! Negative kudos for RC-Timer!
Useful links
MiG29EB @ RCPowers

4 Responses to “MiG-29 Fulcrum KFm2”

  1. Robbert Says:

    RIP MIG-29

    Ik ben blij dat ik hem toch nog 1.32 sec. heb zien vliegen. 😉

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks Robbert,
      En ik ben ook blij dat je hem 1.32 sec. hebt zien vliegen. Kracht en krachtig en zijn einde was spetterend prachtig 🙂
      Alweer wat depron versleten, plaatje van een paar euro en wat verf. Dat maakt het verlies bijzonder goed te verdragen.
      Ik zie je snel op het wel bekende vliegveld 😀

  2. Simon Says:

    Do you have plans for this plane – it looks great in the air. What motor and battery?

    • Me Says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      YEs I should have plans for this plan but have no glue if the are on my laptop and where. I had several motors on it and 2200KV is very nice. I always flew with 2200MAH turnigy 20C. Surf to RCPowers and look for this MIG. On there forum is a big topic related to this plane. She looks great in the air and she flies very very easy and pretty. It is the best plane I ever made of Depron. Soon gonna build a new one!

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