Hall of Shame

Learning to fly a helicopter/plane is equal to crashing. Also things wear out. In order to keep track on used spareparts I deceided to make a list.

– 8 Ring-like push-rods
– 3 Mainshafts
– 1 Canopy
– 3 Tail booms
– 1 Skids Bar Set
– 1 Skid
– 3 Tail motors | 1 DD CP3 Tail motor
– 12 Flybars
– 1 Rx antenna
– 2 Head stiffener
– 2 Center Hub
– 1 Main motor
– 2 Rotor head
– 1 Tail fin
– 1 Outer paddle control frame
– 1 XP SuperBlades
Most of the HBFP V2 damage is a result of taking unnecessary risks. Like doing stall turns in the living room & more stupid things. Also free running dogs gave me at least for 25 euro damage.
– 1 set 275 GF blades
– 1 Set 275 Woodies
– 2 Feathering shafts
– 1 Main shaft
– 2 Main gears
– 1 Pinion 10T
– 2 Mainshafts
– 2 Feathering shafts
– 2 Flybars
– 1 CX blade clamp
– 1 Push rod link
– 1 set tail blades
– 1 Torque Tube Front Drive Gear
– 1 Main gear
– 1 Set dampners
– 1 2100MAh 20C LiPo
– 1 HobbyWing Pentium 30A
The DarkSide
– 1 Burned & fired up Turnigy 1800KV
– 1 7035 GWS Prop
– 1 4.75×4.75 APC Style prop
– 1 6×4 JM prop
– 2 Depdarts
– 2 F117
– 1 FF21
– 2 Prop adapters
– 1 3700KV
– 1 Mg90s
– 1Β 2205C 1400Kv (28gr)
– 1 O-ring (prop safer)
– 1 Turnigy Plush 12A ESC
– 1 HK Kinetic 800
– 1 1600MAh Zippy 20C
– 1 Dipool antenna

19 Responses to “Hall of Shame

  1. rc Says:

    I can’t believe your list doesn’t include more blades. Main and tail. I’ve already gone thru twosets of main and six tail rotor blades (Mad Hawk 300) ….


    • Eric Says:

      Hey Rumblecloud,

      Thanks for visiting my website and for leaving a message. I really appreciate that.

      I have my own kind of learning strategy which works great for me and keeps the cost down. I will add this strategy on my website soon. It is a good way of learning all there is in life without damaging our surroundings and it is also a guarantee to improve on a steady base.

      Happy flying!

  2. scoobiemario Says:

    How did you damage battery?
    I see you got 2 rotor heads on the list, I just screwed my first one:)

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks for visiting my website πŸ™‚

      To answer your question: 1 LiPo I did not strap that well and it hit the spinning pinion and the other one died by some shortcut.

  3. vlory Says:

    Great website! and some good tips.

    I’m wondering where are you getting the Superblades Xp. Do you have any supplier for those on the Benelux?

    I am planning to buy an HBFP V2 and I am practicing with Clearview, but I’m an artistic “crash lander” with my Big Lama and I don’t think the tendence will change with the HBFP.

    • Eric Says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a message!

      I got my XP blades at http://www.rcvliegshop.eu/product_info.php?products_id=4390

      Recently the XP blades were changed. Please read http://myrcguide.com/index.php?topic=5824.0

      Sir Gary from SuperSkids is taking this serious and is working on a good solution. I wait for the solution btw.

      Happy Flying

  4. Jordan Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I am new with helicopters. i bought yesterday honey bee FP v2.
    Where can you get cheap spare stuff? I am from Holland btw πŸ™‚
    Thank you and i like your website

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Jordan,
      Thanks you for visiting my website and for leaving a message πŸ™‚

      Where to get cheap spares for the Honey Bee V2, I do not know. I am sure that ebay can bring some joy. For my HBFP V2 I always get my spares at http://www.hobbymaniac.com. There stock is real up to date, Sam has the tendency to ship direct after paying, so with paypal he ships the same day. Even more important HobbyManiac reacts on emails and has great service.

      In the past http://www.heliguy.com was very cheap too and very fast delivery. When http://www.hobbymaniac.com doesn’t have it I go to http://www.heliguy.com.

      Other tip:
      Miracle market. They sent discount coupons all the time and there is an extra 10% discount code for your orders to. The 10% is for members of http://myrcguide.com. Great and friendly forum! See you maybe there.

      Groetjes uit Gelderland,

  5. Jordan Says:

    HI Eric,

    Thanks for your answer.
    It was for me a big journey to find good and cheap shops for my HBFP v2.
    Thank you very much I keep visiting your website cause it so awesome.
    BTW do you have meeting for flying with HBFP?
    I coult like to join.

    Groetjes uit Almere,

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Jordan,
      Gues I missed this comment πŸ™‚

      I never heard of a HBFP meeting. Nice idea!
      When you search for a rc club in your area I am sure they also have indoor meetings. With some luck some have hbfp too and you have your meeting πŸ˜€

      I know at least 2 flyers with a hbfp v2 in Almere πŸ˜€ They are also member of my rc guide forums –> MajorPain πŸ˜€

  6. Jordan Says:

    HI Erik,

    I am living in Almere buiten. Last week i fight outside but i crash so hard.
    But HBFP is easy to fix. Order so much stuff from deal extreme. SO cheap and free shipping. πŸ™‚
    Hey Erik can i join i want to learn to fly πŸ™‚

    See ya

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Jordan,
      How do you wanna join?
      Greetings from Wijchen near Nijmegen,

  7. Elmardus Says:

    Strange that you used 12!!!! flybars, I have only changed 1, it is pretty easy to bend them back straigt…

    Maybe I could make a new header for your blog, I can do a little photoshop…

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Elmar
      I have a talent for bending flybars and less for bending them back, I always keep some nasty vibe in the Bee. Tonight indoor flying in our local skate hall.
      If you think you can make a nice header, feel free to do so. And if it is nice enough will use it too πŸ˜€

  8. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Been a while since we had contact, I’m still struggling the Honeybee FP v2. I have 2 as you know but also crashed 2 the same day. Was a nice day, all seemed perfect but since hovering in my backyard wasn’t a challenge anymore even with wind, I wanted to get into the open with the bees. Since the space I had at home wasn’t more then about 2 to 3 metres on each side this was overwhelming to me. At first all went well but then you take the space and then it happens….. on both heli’s I crashed the tailmotor. One was even it’s first real flight. So I had to order new ones. It took me a long time to get the original since everywhere they were out of stock. I ordered a DD motor now too together with 3 original motors and 2 main motors so it should help me a while I hope. I hope to have them tomorrow. Gonne build one be with the DD, the other I keep original. Can’t wait to get airborne again. Will start with hovering again..hahaha
    Well I hope you are doing fine Eric.

    Take care and hope to hear from you.

    Btw thanx for the tip on the boom. Ordered the kite pole and got 3 out of them. One looks nice with the text on it like yours πŸ˜‰



    • Eric Says:

      Hi Frank,
      My first time in the open with the Bee was a simular story. I was running behind my Bee as she kept flying away from me πŸ™‚ The Bee ended up the three and had my first real damage too.
      I think many flyers can share same stories πŸ˜€
      Good to see you try out the DD too, its very powerfull. My advise wait a while until you fly around comfortably in 8’s before you pimp to DD. The orginal tail setup is great for learning, and as you have 2 you can do both at the same time. Gues thats even nicer, so you can try both at the same time.
      Enjoy the repairs and have nice flights and don’t let the Bee runaway πŸ˜€
      Happy Flying

  9. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Great to hear from you and the reactions and tips you give. I got the motors today. I will follow your advice and get comfy with the Bee’s first, once I am I’m gonne try the DD. I thought it would be easier to control because it reacts faster to ciclic, so also when the bee gets in trouble. Guess I’m wrong. Thanx for advicing me and prob save me from crashing and damaging the motor. I better mount 2 original motors on the bee’s because I know myself, if I install it I’m sure I’m gonne try it…hehe (good to know myself he?)

    I think any new HoneyBee flyer should see your site and learn from the tips you give…. πŸ˜‰

    Happy Flying too!!!

    greets Frank

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Frank,
      The DD setup will keep the tail more in place and can make it easier for you. It can also push your tail around very fast as it is really powerful in relation to the stock version.
      For your skills it is better the work with the stock setup. Also making turns will be easier this way. When you can fly around you just upgrade to DD and will have a lot of fun.
      I am not sure what I liked better in the end. The DD tail gives extra fun for sure and the sound of the DD prop is so nice when it spinns.
      Just progress and get better skills πŸ˜€ You benefit from it in the end.

  10. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Thanks for the tips Eric, will follow them…. πŸ˜‰


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