Super Alulah FPV

The Super Alulah is a mixture between a DIU /Alula & the SportWing. Designed by Robert from Holland. He designed it for FPV use.  Its a 120cm flying wing with a little fuselage all made from EPP. I used UHU Por as glue (for the first time) to stick the parts together. Cutting EPP is very easy especially when using a razor sharp knife. The EPP cuts like butter.

The spices
2205C 1400Kv (28gr)
Turnigy Plush 12amp
2 x HXT900
GWS 9050 / GWS 8040
1300MAh 3s 20C / 1600MAh 3s 20C
1800MAh 2s 20C Turnigy (Vrx)
HobbyKing E-OSD
– Sc2000 3.6mm lens
HK 200mw 5.8GHz tx/rx
1/3-inch SONY CCD Cam
7″ TFT LCD Color Monitor
 – FrSky D8R-II 
EVG 920 G in Ski Mask
RP-SMA 5.8GHz Spironet antennas
– CL-filter: 470uF 25v capacitor & 1 ferrite ring
– 2.4GHz dipole antennas
I started doing a paint job as we have 3 Super Alulas on our field, this way mine becomes a little more personal and easier to spot.

Flight review
The hand launch is very easy, just a little toss and of she goes. Without dual rates installed the Super Alula is very agile and capable to turn fast & furious. The bird changes in a very docile platform when having dual rates at 60. Even on 50% she flies very easy and is easy to fly even for beginners. The wing profile makes it easy to fly the Super Alula very slow and still produces a nice amount of lift which is great for FPV. When trying to stall the Super Alula it will only show a a small hop to level and it flies on. Not sure if that is called a stall. Even on very slow flights the Super Alula keeps on going. On moderate speed I can fly for about 12 minutes on a 1000MAh LiPo which also powers the FPV transmitter and camera. On a 1300MAh 3S I even flew 22 minutes. Although it is no glider it has a  nice glide path when the COG is at the right position.

LC Filtering
As I use 1 LiPo for RC & Video, the change is big to have my ESC poluting my power source for video which will lead to stripes on my monitor.  Making and installing a LC filter will clean up the juice before it enters the video circuit. Wanna learn more about LC-filtering? On the bottom of this article are 3 useful links. Including a Dutch making of a LC filter video.
Depron elevons
The epp elevons were very flimsy and needed a cf strip or had to be laminated. I didn’t succeed in adding a CF strip and laminating was also a disaster. So I used 6mm Depron and hinged them with Uhu Por. The Depron is stiff enough and doesn’t need any carbon fibre strip nor tape. So a 5 stars rate for Depron!
Dipole antenna
My HK-6X RC tx & Corona rx combination is maybe the worst system for FPV. In combination with my 5.8GHz video transmitter my RC range dropped like a brick to a silly 200m. I heard about dipole antenna’s and asked BlueFalcon for a set. By adding dipoles to the RC rx the range can suddenly increase 3-4 times. I range tested the new configuration to 700m on the ground. So a set of good ears on a RC rx works.

CL/SPW antenna
For better range and better video quality Remy made me a set of cloverleaf antennas. The set works circulair as omni antennas work linear. The new antennas give an interference free and a more colorful video no matter how the position of the Super Alula is in the air.

Going FrSky D8R II
I got myself a new transmitter/receiver combination which uses FrSky. With the new combination a new rx had to be placed in the Super Alulah. The old Corona receiver was situated in the fuselage underneath the wing. I placed the new D8R II in the wing which allowed me to place the dipoles on the wingtip. After doing a ground  range test my RC range (5DBi antenna) seemed to have increased by 3 in relation to my old system (HK6-X/Corona/dipoles).
Special thanks
Robert for making the kits & dipoles available, Remy for answering all my questions and building me a 5.8 GHz CL/SPW combination. Jacques for making me a new cloverleaf. Ray for giving me a nice tripod, SPW and more.
– Easy to build & fly
– No stall
– Very durable & dense EPP
– Can be flown agile and docile
– Can stay up quite long
– Stable, even at almost no airspeed
– Handles wind quite nice
– Great bang for bucks
– Enough room for electronics
– Silent
– Cheap setup (prop, motor, ESC, servo’s & LiPo)
– Very limited, so hard to get
– Original EPP elevons
Related links
– Super Alula on Modelbouwforum (Dutch)
– Antennas 101 on Vimeo
– LC filtering 1 | LC filtering 2 | LC Video
Dipoles for 2,4Ghz Receivers on RCG

Read more: Part II of the Alulah story!


4 Responses to “Super Alulah FPV

  1. rayrz Says:

    Nice, to see the pro in Action…..FLY FPV!!!!

    greetings Ray

    • Eric Says:


  2. Peter Says:

    Like the easy handling, just great. Please keep going and thankx alot for sharing your knowledge. Would like to follow you but do have no clue about building this epp-plane nor possible to buy it. I am happy for you, you for sure earn this uniqueness. Peter

  3. Long Beach MS Chiropractor Says:

    Looks like a good setup. I made one of these 2.4 antennas for my Wifi Router when I was in college. I’ll try it on my next FPV setup. Thanks.

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