3DBatix Extra 330 ACA3D

Flying the Depdart is so much fun that it made me curious how it would be to fly a little slower and having rudder and ailerons. I got some plans (3DBatix: Extra 330 , Diablo & Extra 330 modified by ACA3D) from Ray. I went for the modified Extra 330 plan.
I am gonna use the 3DBatix Extra 330 outside and I am not building her for max 3D performance. If I like the Extra I can always make an as light as possible new one.
Bummer, my supplier was out of Depron so I had to use Polypon. Polypron is a little softer and less dense as Depron.
Turnigy 1400KV (28gr) | 2 x HXT500 | Turnigy 12A ESC | GWS 9050 | 1 x HXT900
Extra 330 maiden flight
It was quite windy when we did the maiden flight and the Extra survived its first airtime. I did set the dual rates on 60%,  gave some throttle and watched the Extra’s tail become smaller. Nothing beats the feeling of a maiden flight.
It was really a great experience to fly that slow and having such a big wing surface to float on! I really liked the plane a lot. So far I am very happy with my decision to make 3D foamy for outdoor.
Download: 3DBatix Extra 330 modified plan by ACA3D | Tiled
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Thanks to 3DBatix, Ray, Michael and Dennis and anyone else who posted interesting stuff online about the Extra 330 3D!


4 Responses to “3DBatix Extra 330 ACA3D”

  1. Ray Matrixx Says:

    hey eric,

    It’s was a super good flight, i watched all the time.
    Im waiting for the next one!

    gr ray

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks Team Flyer 😀

  2. Taha Burak Says:

    Hi eric, I have the same motor and props, but I dunno how to install prop to the motor. Should I attach the prop to the screws on the motor?

    • Eric Says:

      Taha 😀

      How are you doing?

      I use propsafers. Same as rubber O rings with the right measurement.
      Sample of the O ring:

      I got my rings at a kind of walmart.

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