HBFP V2 Movies (20)


2 Responses to “HBFP V2 Movies (20)”

  1. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Wow Eric, great skills you’re showing on the Honeybee… after a few big crashes I know how hard it is to fly like this…it looks easy and stable but if you have the transmitter in your hands and it lifts off it can only go wrong….pfff and can break a lot too I found out. It does improve your repairing skills and that’s a possitive thing. You just need to learn how things are put together too, you understand better why it can fly.

    Thanks for taking the time to show and teach people.
    This site is a tool to anyone with a HoneyBee.

    Thanks friend,



  2. Eric Says:

    Thanks Frank for your kind words!

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