HK Kinetic 800

Feeling a little blue from the fragile Depron projects I wanted to get a stronger EPO parkflyer. It had to have some glider and some speed in it. I think the HK Kinetic 800 is the best choice for me at the moment. Running it on 500MAh & 800MAh 3 cells would deliver a nice glide & enough power.

Review HK Kinetic 800
The HK Kinetic 800 came delivered nicely as a box in a box. All parts survived the long journey from Asia. The assembly was very easy (no glue needed). The plane is also easy to disassemble and the foam box is a nice transport box. Most of the assembly time went in putting on the stickers. I Had to adjust some of the control rods and the Kinetic 800 was ready for its maiden.
Bummer, the also ordered 1000MAh 3 cellers did not fit so I started the flights with Esky 800 15C LiPo’s which fit great and even allow the correct COG.
Launching the HK Kinetic 800 is a little nervous and when she finds her path she is super stable for such a small plane. It is great fun that this little bird has a nice glide path and enough power to fly vertically without any problem. So power and glide in one little plane. When flying to slow the Kinetic 800 will tip stall for sure. Most of the time you can see the tip stall coming your way which gives the pilot time to react with some throttle.
Loops, rolls, inverted, verticals and glides no problem with the Kinetic. It does it all!
Personal records
– 3s 500MAh: 32 min airtime, 3.47V left per cell!
– 3s 800MAh: 36 min airtime, 3.67V left per cell!
Useful links
HK Kinetic 800 PnP @ HobbyKing
HK Kinetic 800 ARF @ HobbyKing
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HK Kinetic 800 @ RCGroups

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