Super Alulah FPV Part I

Lost Plane Finder
I added a Lost Plane Finder to the Super alulah’s wing. This little device helped me find my Super Alulah very easy in the past. This little device works when I flip gear channel 5 , it starts beeping. On the T9X you have to activare ch 5 in the TX. I also have an other LPF which would fit better in a fuse then in a wing and works a little different. Recently I installed failsafe on the gear channel too. So when my RC connection is lost my beeper sounds too!
Honey I shrunk the tail
As we always have wind in our country I decided the shorten the tail a little. I took of the black & white part. Now the Alulah is less sensitive to cross winds. I did not encounter negative side effects by doing this.
Achieving more airtime
My first approach to get my Alulah longer up was swapping the GWS 9050 for a GWS 8040. Less power, less amp draw vs more throttle. After testing for a long period I went back to the comfort of the 9050 prop. I love the thrust and power this motor/prop combi gives. And with proper throttle management it does not consume that much energy. It was a nice experiment.
My second approach was using bigger LiPo’s. So I ordered a 1600MAh 20C FlightMax LiPo at HobbyKing. Zippy’s have the best weight/size/performance ratio. The new  Flight record with the 1600MAh and 8×4 prop is 32 minutes.
New Camera Lens
And again a new upgrade to the Super Alulah. A F2.0 2.8mm 1/3″ CCTV Board Surveillance Camera Fixed Lens from The original HK lens is not that good so a replacement would bring more joy. The 2.8mm has a wider field which is great for FPV. The first test flights were very promising. Much sharper image, better colors, wider angle of view. Great upgrade!
With the coming of the Multiplex Easy Star II I switched back to a SC2000 3.6mm lens. I have the 2.8mm on the EZ*II at the moment.
Helical antenna
After reading about the helical antenna’s I decided to build a few (3 & 4 turns). A helical is a circular polarized direction antenna and is great to use with cloverleafs. When you know the matter a helical is quite easy to build and due to its construction is even works when it is not made 100%. Tuning a helical asks for expensive equipment which I obvious not have. So it is a kind of build and test cycles to get it as good as possible. My first made  4T helical performed better then my SPW. The first test flight was about 1.8km and provided a very clear interference free video signal. A few days later I did 2.56 Km with great video all the way.
 If you wanna know more about helicals you can visit:
Helical Calculator
IBGrazy’s Helical topic on RCGroups
After  nasty landings and crashes the fuselage tended to rip near the wing. I added a piece of white EPP in the fuselage to increase the strength at the weak spot. Now the fuse is much stronger and stiffer at this point.
Spironet Antenna
Spironet rp smaI bought a set of Spironets for my Easy Star and liked them very much. They outperform all my home made clovers so I was willing to buy a new set. At the moment I wanted to order them I discovered that HK stocked them with RP-SMA connectors. RP-SMA means that they fit the HK Vrx & Vtx without the use of an extra converter.
After a number a successful test flights I got the idea of mounting the clover upside down on the Alulah. So I made a small hole in the wing, pushed the RP-SMA plug through and connected the plug to the Vtx. I should have done this much earlier. Having the clover pointing down gives a much better performance.
Super Alulah Spironet mounted upside down
Super Alulah Set Up
Just a nice video
It was a beautiful day and I was flying together with Remy. He decided to do some chasing and recording at the same time. The result is this beautiful video.

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