Cam, Vtx, Vrx, OSD & LC filter

My FPV Wire Diagram
It’s always a good idea to draw your FPV setup before you start working on it. You can show the diagram online and ask for feedback on groundloops or errors. Having a proper diagram makes it easier to install & check the components and wires. Here is how I wired my setup for my Easy Star II.
FPV Wire Diagram 5.8GHz Remzibi
How to start?
Before you add all the components during the build it is wise to bench test them first.  The test starts simple and during the process more components are installed. So I started out with wiring up my cam to the Vtx and setting up the Vrx and tested them. After that I installed an LC filter and a UBEC and tested them. And after that I hooked up the OSD to the Vtx and Cam and tested again. The picture below shows my test wire scheme in real life (these are not the wires that go in the plane). On the photo I have too much ground wires that why it is always good to bench test first.
The next photo shows all hooked up, tested & working components.
Before you hook up your setup to a battery be 200% sure that all wires are connected as they should be. Watch out for reversed polarity!

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