SpiroNet & TBS Antennas

For the Easy Star II, I needed a few new video antennas. As circular antennas are way better then linear for 5.8GHz I was looking for a CL/SPW combination.  And at the same time SpiroNet (Fatshark & Immerion RC) entered the market with these cased  and machine made version of the CL & SPW for a reasonable price ($39,95 for a set).  As I am gonna use them on a HK 5.8GHz set I needed 2 converters to make the antennas fit.

Spironet antenna

Multiplex Easy Star II FPV 002 Spironet SPW

Before installing them on my EZ*II, I tested them on my Super Alulah EPP. The first range test was very promising. At a height of 100m I flew 1.9km away. The video was bad at that distance/height combination and I was able to find my way home again without GPS. So I asume when I keep the 10:1 rule in mind, I will get an even better range and video quality.
Spironet antenna
At a Dutch FPV meeting the notorious SSassen brought his expensive analizer to the field and we hooked the Spironets up. Although I forgot the exact results I can tell that the outcome was good. On the analyzer they outperformed all other clovers that were tested that day. And ofcoarse they performe much better then my home build clovers.
Spironet SPW & 4T Helical
I also tested the Spironet SPW on the plane and a 4T home-made helical on the ground station which made it able to fly 5km with no problem. The video quality was not the best at 5km but still very useful to fly and navigate. As I am very happy with the Spironets I also ordered a set RP-SMA for my Super Alulah.
RP-SMA Spironet
Spironet rp smaThese antenna’s now also come in a RP-SMA version. This version is a direct fit for the HK 5.8GHz set.
So no need for adapters which decrease the quality, range and SWR. So these new Spironet antenna’s should perform even better in my situation.  Waiting for spring to test them.
RP-SMA Spironet antennas @ HK
SMA Spironet antennas@ HK
A great converter when HK 5.8 Vtx meets Spironet
5DBi patch fpv tbs cp5dBi Gain
Circular Polarization
5700 – 5900 MHz working frequency
110° beamwidth
35 x 35mm
RP-SMA connector

Team Black Sheep 5DBi 5.8GHz 5G8 patch antenna TBS


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