New Blog Style Frontpage

It’s time for the winter to leave our country. I has been freezing and snowing for quite some time now. I still have to test the new mini SD Card class 10 for my HK Wing Cam, and I have some RP-SMA Spironets & a 5DBi patch waiting too. Using the RP-SMA Spironets skips the use of converters with my video system. No connectors should give better results in quality and range. So I am ready for spring.
HappyFlying used to have a static front page which I recently changed to a more dynamic Blog style situation. So the home button is gone too. I also added a subscribe option. So you can get notified when new stuff appears on the site.
You can watch this website without adds by using
Latest added page: Cam, Vtx, Vrx, OSD & LC filter.
Recently I opened a Facebook page which makes it easier to communicate to the visitors of my Blog. It would be a honor if you like my Facebook page!


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