HBFP V2 Mods (11)

Below some small modification & upgrades made to my Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 helicopter. Click the thumbnails for more info.
Discontinued mods
– SS SuperPaddle’s & SS CF FB – I did not like them at all.
– Xtreme Fibre reinforced blades – XP blades give more stability.
– Double heat sink on stock tail motor – Got DD tail set-up.

3 Responses to “HBFP V2 Mods (11)”

  1. Tom Says:

    Would like to make a DD tail drive on my Honey Bee FP version2. Am I correct that you used a CP3 motor and prop but kept the stock tail fin? What did you mean by modded the old shaft holder away? Could you give more info? Thanks

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Tom,

      I was on holiday so good not answer much sooner then this.
      You are absolutely right, I use the CP3 motor and prop.

      The old prop was sitting in a kind of tube in the tailfin. Including some bearings. That part I dremmeled away.
      First I took the bearings out and I removed the extra plastic which is no longer in use as the new prop fits straight to the new motor.
      I also took away the small point at the bottom of the tailfin as that like to stick in the grass (in my case).

      If you like more info, just ask 🙂

  2. konkurrencer Says:

    I hate rainy days! urgh I’ve been on your blog hours now I need something better to do! ( not that there anything wrong with your blog 🙂 )

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