HBFP V2 Gallery (18)


8 Responses to “HBFP V2 Gallery (18)”

  1. Tom Says:

    Great site,very very helpful.Tom

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks bro!

  2. Peter Farrant Says:

    Nice site, will be coming back here often soon! Will be having a Honeybee FP V2 for Christmas – forbidden to fly it before, but I’ve been poking around in the box, reading, ‘learning’!
    Noticed on transmitter a switch, apparently for training. Switch is not bi-stable, returns to initial postion.
    When, and how is it used? Is it usefull? There is nothing about it in my manual!
    Thanks for any help.

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for the compliment 🙂
      The trainer switch is used when a teacher comes along with the same tx. The two transmitters will be connected by a special wire. This allows the teacher to take over control when the student tends to make a mistake. A trainer switch can be found on all transmitters.

      Tip: http://myrcguide.com
      A very friendly community with a lot of info and helpful people who can help you during set-up, etc.
      For sure you need some back up in the beginning.

      Also practice a lot on the enclosed (with your Bee) simulator. Flying a single rotor helicopter is quite challacing and not learned in a few day. I took me 2 months before I could hover tail in for 8 minutes without crashing or escape landings. Take very small steps at the time to keep the damage cost as low as possible!

      Merry Xmas & a happy New Year!

  3. Peter Farrant Says:

    Hello Eric,
    Many thanks for your prompt reply. I feel a bit daft now I’ve read your reply! Question must have seemed so dum if it’s on all transmitters! Let me explain – I’m an old ‘newbie’, 58, until several months ago I have been out of modelling for more than 30 years, and back then they didn’t have them! All those years ago, while still living in the UK (since then in France), I was the manager of a model shop!!!!
    30 years of ‘absence’, then a couple of months ago tried a first radio controlled helicopter, and got the ‘bug’ again!
    Best regards,

    • Eric Says:

      Welcome back to the wonderful world of RC. When I was young I alway wanted to get involved. I made a few gliders without the use of a control unit. Which of coarse did not live that long. Bummer.

      The only dump question is a question that is not asked 😀
      When we help each other the world becomes a better place, so if you have a question: Just ask 🙂

  4. Peter Farrant Says:

    Started with a double rotor “Double Horse 9053”, moved on to a single rotor “Double Horse 9104”, but wanted a 4-channel, hence the choice of the Honeybee for X-mas.
    My ‘problem’ is, during all my previous flying, boating, driving, I have ALWAYS had throttle on left. The Honeybee is delivered throttle on right! Wanted to change the sticks in transmitter, but cables not long enough – so training hard with PC programme to try and adapt!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Eric Says:

      Good luck with adapting to mode 1. Not sure if I could change to mode 1 as my brains are so programmed to work with the throttle on the left. And when you can visualize it, it is within the range of possibilities.

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