Zyprexa | KFm3

A new project, a different plane, a new airfoil (KFm3) a scratchbuilt without plans ,  I named it  after a medicine that can give you a floaty feeling.
The KFm3 airfoil is an easy and fast built and should provide the Zyprexa more lift then a flat piece of foam. Also I wanted to experiment with more KF airfoils as I had used KFm2 & KFm4  before. Making a body was more challenging as I thought. First I made a full body but that was way to heavy for what I head in mind. It had to be a flat out. I was inspired by a Fox which I saw on HobbyKing and gave it an other shot.
Span 120cm | Length 80cm | Cord 16cm | Tips 8cm | 1400KV | 10A | GWS 7035
Useful links
Kline Fogleman Airfoils on Wikipedia
RCGroups Foamy Scratchbuilt
Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Building/Flying Discussion


3 Responses to “Zyprexa | KFm3”

  1. Gyorgy Varnagy Says:

    Hello Mr. HBFP NL!

    My name is Gyorgy Varnagy and I live in Budapest, Hungary.
    I would like to ask from you the next.
    Can you give me the proportions of the Zyprexa?
    I have already built the STC and STS trainer planes and I’d like to build faster and bigger plane. I like this plane very much and I’d like to build it if you agree to it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you


    • Eric Says:

      Hello Gyorgy,
      Thank you very much for visiting my website!
      I searched for my Zyprexa data sheet and used plan and could not find it 😦
      However I think the most you can design your self by using the data on the website.
      If I would make a new Zyprexa I would increase the aileron surfaces to get better control.
      The wing is quite easy and the fuselage you can design yourself of coarse. Make a nice one yourself is always fun to do.
      The KFm3 is applied on the normal KFm3 way.
      Enjoy scratch building!
      Happy Flying,

  2. Gyorgy Varnagy Says:

    Hello Eric!
    Thank you for your reply.
    I’ll try to build this Zyprexa on the basis of your websites’ pictures and data and I try to take your advice (increase the aileron surfaces).
    Thank you for all your trouble.

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