Tips (5)

Flip the paddle outer control frame
When placing the screws upwards, it will be much easier to change the flybar. It saves time to.
Add marker to the LiPo connectors
By marking the connectors on 1 side the change of wrong connection will be much smaller. A wrong connection will kill your 4in1.
Better working gyro/proportional
When starting with your Honey Bee there is a good change that proportional and gain settings are okee. Later in your career you will adjusting proportional & gain. It is always good to reset your 4in1 setting by setting up proportional & gain. This can result in a much better flying Honey Bee. Just imagine your proportional is set well and your gyro only needs to work for corrections instead of making up for the wrong proportional setting.
Heat conducting paste
The heat sinks on the Honey Bee’s don’t have full contact with the motors they are sitting on. Heat conducting paste fills up all small areas and allows a much better heat transfer from the motor to the cooling ribs. After adding this cooling paste my heat sinks became much hotter.
Tracking & head stiffener
Adding a head stiffener keeps your blades horizontal which also results in better tracking. The rotor head tends to curve a little upwards without the head stiffener.

14 Responses to “Tips (5)”

  1. Ryan S Says:

    what a great site and informative posts, I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. lfbraca Says:

    Nice blog lots of imformation, nice pictures and videos maybe a got a tip that you can add it to adjust the Paddles with 5 degres pitch I try myself and it works improving stability and control. Good for beginers like me. Please credit this tip to Viet-Lama at

    • Eric Says:

      Hi and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a useful tip.

      Personally I liked that little paddle mod and I found it easier to get them both leveled then both in exact 5%. And in the end we have to learn to fly with flat paddles anyway. And for others this simple mod will make a great change.

      I will not add it to the list but leave your comment as the Tip. Not sure if Viet-Lama was the first one ever to mention the paddle angle 🙂

      Say hi to VL for me when you post in a mutual topic!

      Greetings from snowy Holland!

  3. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for these tips, I will receive the carbon boom you suggested probably on tuesday or wednesday. Hope we get some better weather next days too, not too windy. Hope one day I will fly as skilled as you….long way to go still…but fun also 😉



    • Eric Says:

      Did the boom arrive? Was it an easy job for you to make one fitting?
      I saw on my HBFP V2 that I used 2 screws to fix the tailfin/motormount. One on each side 🙂

      • Dances_With_Wolves Says:

        Heey Eric,

        Not yet, it was supposed to arrive today but got a message there was a delay of one day. Thanks for the tip about the screws, I will keep that in mind. Hovering goes pretty good now and the wind in a sudden makes it quiet a challenge. But wanne keep the Bee in one piece so I’m still carefull. My backyard isn’t that big and has trees, walls and a pond too so I need full concentration on that. lol. But the better it goes the more I’m liking the Bee. One thing can be tricky I found out, when the lipo gets weaker and I drop the Bee more suddenly then it takes a lot of power to prevent it from hitting the ground due to a lack of power left. I have the alarm device also to stop it in time so I listen close to that. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the boom….. Thanks again for responding!! 😉

        greets Frank

  4. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Maybe I have another tip for you I found on the internet.
    It’s about the fly-bar. They are easily bend and I found a cheap solution on a site. People who well iron use rvs bars to well them materials together. If they do this by the method called TIG (Tig lassen in dutch) they have bars about 1 metre and 2 mm thick. So if you get those you have like 4 or 5 fly-bars from one bar. Nice and cheap he?

    Hope this helps others since I have plenty fly-bars now. hehe



    • Eric Says:

      Hi Frank,
      You can also use 2mm bike spokes (spaken), the TIG bars sound as a very good solution to 🙂
      Thanks for the tip!

  5. Dances_With_Wolves Says:

    You’re most welcome Eric,
    Wow yes true, the bike spokes are another way. Hope many read this and can save money. A beginner has many crash costs so this can reduce it a little…



  6. Fraser Says:

    this has been a really useful site whilst waiting for my Bee V2 FP to arrive. All the great tips got me inspired so as soon as it arrived I put the battery on charge. Due to my excitment I started stright off with the fuse mod and canopy hanger and cut away. I seated the battery checked the balance and went out to the garden as the house is to small. I have training gear fitted and at full throttle it would not lift off just slides around the ground (even on hard tarmac road). On closer in spection it appeared the rotor was spinning the wrong direction so switched the connector round at the 4-1. With them spinning clockwise now at full throttle still almost no lift. I have checked the balance of the various components as best as a novice can using youtube and site like this one. I am worried that as i have fuse moded the vendor will just blame me. Any advice would be great as I just want to start learning the basics. Thanks again for the great information provided

    Happy Flying.

    Frustrated Novice

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Fraser,
      Thanks for visiting my website and for leaving a comment.
      Congratulations with your HBFP V2. And sorry to hear it does not produce any lift.
      I asume you have the stock blades on the Bee. When those blades do not track well the Bee does not get of the ground at all. Sometimes the blades need to be tracked more times during 1 lipo period. Thats why most of the Bee flyers use XP SuperBlades. They track great and make flying a lot easier. You can find a lot of info on blade tracking and I think Youtube has some vids about it.
      Also not sure what kind of training ear you use. The big 450 gear is a little heavy and in combination with bad tracking the Bee will stay on the ground.
      Very good you installed a fusemod!!!

      So my first thoughts are blade tracking, check if the blades track and if not make them track. It is crucial.

      Also I have a great tip for you:

      It is a very friendly forum with a lot of friendly and helpful people. Many members own a bee or owned one so there is a lot of information and Bee knowledge. Just register and enjoy!
      If tracking is not the issue just make a video of your spinning helicopter and post it here or on the forum I suggested. We can see a lot from a some simple footage.

      I hope my reply was of any help! Feel free to come back for more questions. See ya on the forum!
      Happy Flying

  7. Peter Says:

    Dear Eric,
    You might have guessed you would be hearing from me again soon! After a couple of flights, my first rather abrupt landing has broken one of the balls off the Padel control frame (outer). Reference 000192. This piece appears extremely fragile? Other than bulk ordering these parts in advance from Esky, do you know of strengthened replacement parts from a different source?
    Many thanks for any advice you may have on this subject!

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