WindRider Fox EPP

 The WindRider Fox is a pure soar plane and comes standard without a motor. As we have no slopes, so we added a  hand wound 14 pole Komodo DIY BL motor, and placed the rudder & elevator servo’s in the back of the plane. To keep the plane light 1300MAh 3S Turnigy LiPo’s are used so we can still fly for quite some time.

First Flight Impression
The WindRider Fox is a very nice airplane to fly. She reacts great on stick input, is quite agile, has a surprisingly good glide path, due to the straight wings there is no wobbling as dihydral show. It also handles wind quite nice. The model likes to be flown fast with the extra weight (motor, 1300MAh LiPo & 20A ESC), going slow will make the WindRider Fox drop a wing followed by the nose. So landings are rather fast to. Not as fast as my Hype Wow but still fast. An other thing that surprised me was the ability to stay in the air without using the motor. The wings are very slim and fast which make them not as strong as wings on other foamies.
W 166cm | L 84cm | AUW 627gr  | BL KH-257 | 4 HXT900 | 20A ESC | 9×4.5″
Turnigy 3s 1300MAh 20C
WindRider Fox @ RCGroups

2 Responses to “WindRider Fox EPP”

  1. Waldemar "Grumpyy" Muller Says:

    Nice one too, Eric.

    • Eric Says:

      Thanks Grumpyy 😀

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