My Easy Star II Review

Before starting flying FPV I needed to trim the EasyStar and I had to get used to the plane and its characteristics. I didn’t activate rudder, so flying aileron/elevator only. I never flew such an easy plane before. She is so calm, docile and self stabilizing that I was able to fly around with 2 fingers up in my nose. The Multiplex Easy Star II almost flies itself. The choosen motor proved to be a right choice. Enough power to carry the extra FPV weight without any problems. She climbs nice and is less noisy as the EZ* one. It only took me a couple of minutes to get used to the Easy Star II. Then I did some landing runs to see how long she likes to float. And she like to float quite long. After landing it was time to put on the googles.
To be continued………
Pros & Cons
– Good Manual
– Good quality
– English manual is not translated well and complete from German!
– No glue
– No Y-cable (or 2 servo extension wires)
Max achieved airtime with FPV equipment powered up
Turnigy 2200MAh 3S 20C – 40 minutes
Zippy 3000MAh 3S 20C – 40 minutes

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