The Dark Side|Airplanes

Before I got myself into the rc hobby I had to choose between flying an airplane or helicopter. In that noob stage I thought that I would make more flying hours with a helicopter as I could also practice indoor. And funny as it sounds I thought that flying a helicopter would be easier too. So I went for flying rc helicopters.
As flying rc helicopters is expensive enough, I didn’t even bother to have a serious look at airplanes. Untill I met small a Depron flyer with cheap setup.  A body costing 90 cents and a 10 euro motor/esc combination, adding two already in stock servo’s, 800MAh LiPo and a heli rx can make a Depdart flying for less then 15 euro. And that’s great news!
Six mm black Depron is cheap and easy accessible for me so the projects will be with 6mm Depron foam sheets. There are also tons of building plans online!!
Enjoy the Dark Side on my Blog.

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