FPV Goodies: Tested & Approved

May 10, 2013
It really took a very long period for the cold to leave Holland. It was freezing and snowing on eastern day. Something which is quite rare to happen here. Last winter I changed some things to my setup and with the sun high up the sky, it was time to test and fly the goodies. All goodies past the tests with grace!
* I switched back to a 3.6mm lens for more detail and less FOV
* Added the new RP-SMA Spironet to the Alulah
* Did some tests with the TBS 5DBi 5G8 patch antenna
* Tested the new class 10 SD Card for my HK HD WingCam

transcend 8GB class 10 mirco sd Spironet rp sma antennas 5DBi patch fpv tbs cp

After testing the new RP Spironets I got the idea of mounting the clover upside down on the Alulah. So I made a small hole in the wing, pushed the RP-SMA plug through and connected the plug to the Vtx. I should have done this much earlier. Having the clover pointing down gives a much better performance.Super Alulah Spironet mounted upside down

FPV Weekend Grasbroek 2013