Adding sleeves

Adding sleeves gives a clean and sexy look it also protect the wires against sharp mainframe edges. The downside of sleeving is that servo maintenance can be a nasty job as the wires are hidden inside the sleeves. On this page I show you my way of adding sleeves.
Needed stuff
– Sleeve(s)
– Heat shrink
– Sharp scissors
– Heat source (a lighter or solder iron)
– Some patience
1. Determine how much wire you have to hide, it is easy to use 2 pieces of heat shrink.

2. Fold the wires like I have and put two small pieces of shrink tubing on and shrink them, then it’s ready for the sleeve.

3. Cut 2 pieces of heat shrink, place it over the sleeve and cut the sleeve to the desired length.

4. Here comes the patience around the corner. The connector(s) and wire have to be guided through the sleeve. Keep the heat shrinks at the sleeve ends, this way the ends stay nice and unraffled. When all the stuff is guided shrink one end. After you did one end straighten the sleeve and shrink the other end.

5. Add the sleeved hardware to your helicopter.

When using pieces of heat shrink that are to long you might get problems as that part is very stiff and won’t bend easily. When using pieces which are to short you won’t hide the little raffled end. Take some time to determine the correct lenght for your setup.


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