CopterX 450AE V2

This page is all about building the CopterX CX 450AE V2. As the build will take some time, so this page will be under construction for a nice period. The first steps are collecting the stuff that will be placed on the machine.
You can find the kit at and many other online shops.
Turnigy 450 H2218 (3550KV)
Turnigy Plush 40A ESC

Rhino 13T
TowerPro MG90 metal servo’s
– GWS Park HPX F Servo
Turnigy Head Lock & Standard Gyro (GR302-AD)
450 Class Carbon Fiber Main Blade 325mm
Turnigy 2200MAh 20C | 25C | 30C
Click the pictures below and get some extra information!


I fly the CopterX on a flat throttle curve of 90% which gives this heli & setup very stable characteristics. Flying the 3550KV with a 13T gives it a steady and responsive collective without being nervous at the stick. I do not think that flying it with a 11T pinion would be much fun as the head speed drops to much. It is a very nice, stable and reliable collective pitch machine.


7 Responses to “CopterX 450AE V2

  1. Charles Says:

    I have this same kit. Maby you could tell me if this tx-rx combo would be ok.

    We have spoke on myrcguide Im hillbillyheli on there. Thanks you have a great looking bird there I like the looks of CX heli’s mine looks made well. Can’t wate to put her in the air. Thanks C. Minney

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for visiting my website and for leaving a comment!
      I use the same RX/TX and like it very much. Good bang for bucks.
      There is no expo on the combi, and the question is do you need expo on a 450 class?

      See ya on My Rc Guide Forums!

  2. TONY Says:

    Wow, cool site!!!

    I have seen your website flashing by on rcguides website, but never checked it out!

    Will you be putting up more info/flights of you copter X and HK450 pro TT????

    • Eric Says:

      Yes I will 🙂

  3. OptiPlex Says:

    Hi eric

    whats your opinion after having experience with both helis

    copterx 450 or hk 450 ?

    cause im looking to do a kit but important for me to have spare parts here in israel
    got spares for copterx heli’s but not for HK

    so what do u think ?
    will i be going wrong with copterx ?

    • Eric Says:

      Hi Opti,
      When you look for spare for a clone like CX450 or HK Pro I also advise you to check out the availability of Align spares in Israel. Because both models are clones almost every spare will fit. Align has better quality so during a spare change you can make your heli better at the same time.

      The building of the HK Pro was much easier as it has less parts. The HK450 Pro has no slop in head, CX a little. CX philip screws are a wrong choise from the company. They are soft and strip easily.

      For me the winner on all fronts: HK 450 Pro

      If you want it flying nicely go for a 3550KV with 13T, If you want mucho power which makes it more stressy to fly go for the 3700KV and 13T.

      If you have some questions left: Just ask!

  4. Elwood Carril Says:

    I genuinely enjoy studying on this internet site , it has got great articles .

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