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My new EZ*II Record

June 14, 2013
Last week I went out flying with my Easy Star II FPV. The field was warming up nicely in the sun and the farmer cut a lot of grass too. The condition were great for thermals to appear. I placed the Zippy 3000MAh 20C in the belly and gave the plane a tosh. 70 minutes later I landed and had 11.2V left over. I normally land around 10V. So this current record will be broken very soon.
Multiplex Easy Star II FPV
Turnigy 9X Mixer
I finally mixed rudder into the aileron channel. This way I can make flatter and better turns. The rudder mix can be activated on IDLE1. When using my pan function, I always tilt down manually. There is more to be seen below then aside. While working on the mixer I mixed tilt with the pan function. This mixer is also activated on IDLE1.

Multiplex Easy Star II FPV Pod

Super Alulah V2 White Edition
New kits, of this ultimate FPV funplane,  have been made and spread around the Dutch FPV community. We had a great day in Enschede!
Super Alulah V2 White Edition 003